Strip Surgery Scar Repair in Barcelona

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Strip Surgery Scar Repair

The strip surgery scarring impacts the patient’s social life, limiting their personal hair style choices and making it impossible to wear their hair thin.

Fortunately, advances in hair transplant technology today are allowing doctors to hide the scars left by strip harvesting.

Also known as strip scar revision, strip scar repair surgery is designed to reduce the widening strip scar and remove the excess scar tissue as much as possible by transplanting hair follicles, harvested from the chest, leg, or beard, to the scarred area.

The process of graft transplantation into the scar tissue attempts to break up the scar appearance.
Head scars can result from an old punch technique or a poorly-performed strip surgery that leave the donor area into large grafts.

Hair transplant surgeons are now able to perform strip surgery scar repair make a scar tissue less prominent and aesthetically more acceptable to the patients and the people.

A considerable number of hair restoration experts use the beard hair as a donor site for strip scar repair surgery. The beard hairs hold great potential, as it is characterized by robust follicles that make an appropriate donor source for strip scar surgery correction.

A growing number of hair transplant patients suffering for a strip surgery scar travel abroad to benefit from the expertise of hair restoration surgeons and affordable quality of health care.

Hair replacement procedures fall under elective cosmetic category of treatments in the US; hence, not insured by medical insurance and can cost patients a fortune.


Cost of Strip Surgery Scar Repair

The cost of strip surgery repair abroad is very effective because patients usually don’t require a lot of grafts in order to create a natural camouflage. Additionally, medical tourist destinations that offer hair transplant treatments and strip surgery scar repair are very affordable to patients, due to the lower cost of living and high exchange rate.