Egg Donation in India

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Advance Fertility and Gynaecology Centre Verified

Denoted as the top IVF clinic in Delhi, Advance Fertility and Gynecology Centre, is an outstanding Assisted Reproduction Centre located in the heart of South Delhi, easily accessible via all forms of transportation. Located next to a major metro station, even those without easy access to four wheelers can easily find their way as the clinic is on the main road. A Delhi location convenient for IVF patients as they usually need to visit the clinic more frequently than other categories of patients.

By your blessings, our small daughter is now an active child of 3+ and plans to join school next year from the present pre schooling. She is smart, quick learner, less eater, very caring and dance and music lover. Thank you so very much Dr Banerjee.
July 2017
Dr Kaberi Banerjee is rated as one of the best IVF doctors in Delhi and a leading infertility specialist in India.
July 2017
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Dr Khandeparkar's IVF Center Verified

Following the footsteps of our founder, Dr. Khandeparkar’s Nursing Home, continues to provide best possible and affordable healthcare and infertility management to all sections of the society, each with a personal touch. Dr. Shubhada Khandeparkar has added a new asset – Dr. Khandeparkar’s Infertility & IVF Centre, located at Dadar, in the heart of Central Mumbai, to Dr. Khandeparkar’s Nursing Home and Hospital.

Akanksha Infertility Clinic Verified

The Akanksha Infertility Clinic in Anand, Gujarat, India, has extensive experience helping international patients establish successful pregnancies, at very low costs. The clinic has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN and BBC news.

00 1 323 904 9010 ext: 1047
00 44 20 3322 9575 ext: 1047
00 973 1619 8085 ext: 1047
After many unsuccessful attempts in Australia, we found Dr Nayana Patel. What an amazing and gifted woman. We started our 1st cycle in September 2011 and in October we got confirmation that we were pregnant. We welcomed our gorgeous son into the world in May 2012. The staff and clinic are amazing and supported us throughout the whole process. We had an amazing experience and would recommend Akanksha Fertility Clinic to everyone wanting a baby with no success. You will not find a better doctor, clinic, staff or service anywhere else. Do your self a favour and go through Akanksha Fertility Clinic you will not be dissapointed.
July 2016
Unhappy for us the pregnant was not happen , but we will try again,
September 2015
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Delhi Surrogacy - Dr Shivani Gour Verified

Dr Shivani Gour is a renowned infertility specialist who offers an individual and caring service to Intended Parents.

00 1 323 904 9010 ext: 1065
00 44 20 3322 9575 ext: 1065
00 973 1619 8085 ext: 1065
Thank's to Dr.Shivani and very professional team at SCI for extending our family,a boy & girl,they're just gorgeous!! Kind Regards, James family.
February 2014
Horrible experience. The doctor is a money-making operation. She uses Australian case-managers who are working illegally to manage her cases. I had a conversation with one of these case-managers and all she did for 45 minutes was trash other clinics and spread nasty rumours and stories about them. I felt this was disingenuous at best. Eventually I tried this clinic and after spending over 20 thousand pounds have nothing to show for it. Be careful of this clinic and the Australian women who run it secretly. They will push you to sign-on with their heavy marketing blitz but the results and experience are not what they promise.
October 2012
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Egg Donation in India

Egg donation is a procedure where a fertile woman’s eggs are removed, fertilized with sperm, and then implanted into the infertile woman or a gestational carrier.

Egg donation is needed for patients who have no or few eggs, or who based on previous failed treatments have eggs that are of poor quality. Most commonly this is due to premature menopause, menopause or advanced maternal age. Egg donation is also implemented for gay male couples or individuals who wish to start a family. Egg donation is one of the most successful techniques for making infertile women pregnant

A wide range of donors are available in India. The donors contain of rare ethnicities and specific religions, such as Hindu egg donors, Muslim egg donors or Jewish egg donors. They also are separated by an array of physical characteristics, ranging from eye color, hair color, skin tone, height, and weight.

India is one of the top fertility destinations that provide many options for those hoping to proceed with IVF and egg donation. Donors are screened thoroughly to ensure that they match the prospective parents.

India is sporting a reputation for egg donation services from highly trained fertility professionals at tremendously low costs.

Many patients decide to pursue this treatment abroad as IVF clinics in India offers more options and less waiting times to couples. To obtain more information on IVF with egg donation in India you can request a quote now!

Sights to See in India

India has been independent since 1947 after a long struggle led mostly by Mahatma Gandhi. It relishes in its rich glories of the culture.

Sanctified with crystal glaciers, stunning valleys, overflowing waterfalls, long coastlines and magical engagements, India offers a bold assortment of adventure.

The diverse areas of the Arabian Sea region offer many a luxuriant awakening. India has striking seafood cuisines, relaxing spas, and wishes anyone into the land.

Exciting stops of breath-taking views and inspiring moments are found at Bharatpur Sanctuary and Kaziranga National Park.

The Orient Spa filters you a modern lifestyle boosting your mind and body with soul comforting and body pampering amenities.

Discover the real heart of India.

Cost of Egg Donation in India

With an abundance of breathtaking scenery, India has become a major destination for low-cost medical care at top international standards.

India is home to an abundance of cutting-edge facilities employing internationally trained and highly skilled doctors and surgeons, while fertility care costs in India are attractively affordable.

It is an exclusive occasion to enjoy a pioneering combination of enhanced fertility care with the supplementary calming benefit of an international vacation.