Egg Freezing in Seville

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Spain is famous worldwide for infertility and reproductive medicine technologies, and Ginemed is no exception. Ginemed is a home away from home for foreign patients seeking quality and affordable fertility options. From its precise quality control procedures and extensive egg donor databases, Ginemed is leading the reproductive technologies and research in the field of fertility in Seville and Spain. Italians, French, and British among other foreign patients are quite familiar with traveling to Ginemed to receive egg donation and IVF treatments in Seville.

Egg Freezing in Seville

Fertility preservation bids couples or individuals the prospect to reserve their ability to have children in the future. Eggs, sperm and embryos can be cryopreserved through a variety of methods.

Fertility preservation in IVF Seville clinics is ideal for couples or individuals who are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or major surgeries; have extra embryos, eggs or sperm after IVF; and are currently fertile but not ready to build a family.

IVF Spain became a highly desirable destination for egg donation and egg freezing.This has additionally resulted in extremely favorable costs and lax laws.

Sights to See in Seville

Take on the sights of Spain in magical style. The Bellas Artes Museum offers three patios full of fruit trees and flowers to explore. The Baroque church offers a vast collection of paintings and sculptures.

Explore famed María Luisa Park on the grounds of the San Telmo Palace. Explore the Plaza de España and the Plaza de América beholding custom pieces of art. The Archeological Museum is nearby.

Take the family to the Magic Island Theme Park located in the Spanish pavilion on Cartuja Island in Sevilla. The theme park grants you access to beautiful waters, restaurants and much more for an enjoyable outing.

Shopping more your theme?  Seville offers amazing finds and interesting handmade arts and crafts. Sunday’s are a great day for fabulous finds outside the Bellas Artes Museum.

Stay at the artitistic Hotel Alfonso XIII situated between the historic tabacco factory and the Baroque San Telmo Palace. It is minutes from the Golden Tower and the Guadalquivir. This lavish hotel embellishes a rich interior and gorgeous interior courtyard.

Cost of Egg Freezing in Seville

Seville is known for its advanced fertility care options and highly skilled doctors. There are many modern hospitals and clinics where you will receive world-class healthcare at a fraction of the cost than in the US.

Seville is home to the top IVF clinics in the world. In addition to the excellent fertility tourism treatment available it is also a low cost, fabulous vacation destination.