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The world’s most exclusive IVF & Surrogacy network just got more enviable. Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, AtlasCARE IVF in Georgia is renowned for its beloved presence of unspoiled support and affordability. Providing an extensive range of fertility treatments and surrogacy options, the leading IVF clinic in Tbilisi strives to provide all-inclusive and professional fertility care to all patients.

We have been very lucky to choose atlasCARE from the begnning. CARE is what atlasCARE holds for. From the dinner we had together with doctor and the team, to every email we exchanged through the whole process, atlasCARE has been truly caring and sincere. We would like to particularly express our deep thanks to Amy. Whenever we need you, you are always there, answering quesions, offfering advice and support. Dr Everen is the best, We love atlasCARE, We love Georgia, for sure we will come back to visit this beautiful country:)
February 2019
Hey Evren, My wife and I are now in Tbilisi since last Saturday. Kids are keeping us busy here daily. : ) Will do the DNA test on this coming Wednesday. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. Want to personally thank you for your help in all ways, especially Amy, Tamila, you, and all supporting team from Atlas Care.
September 2018
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IVF in Georgia

For couples having difficulty conceiving, frustration, disappointment and expensive infertility care can make it an emotionally exhaustive experience. Feelings of hopelessness, anger, blame and despair may haunt couples struggling with infertility.

Today’s advanced reproductive technology has realized the dreams of hundreds to couples; but sadly IVF treatments are not an affordable alternative for many patients in the US and UK. Georgia presents couples with an inexpensive choice to the rising cost of IVF.

Fertility clinics in Georgia can provide guidance and offer answers to many questions couples may have about their inability to conceive. IVF doctors can design a program of reproductive therapy and fertility treatments to increase a couple’s chances of becoming pregnant.

Before determining a treatment option, couples traveling for IVF in Georgia will be met with fertility professionals who will help them understand the possible causes of the condition.

Clinicians in Georgia IVF centers are highly trained in leading methods for infertility, from medical options to surgical techniques. The inexpensive cost of reproductive procedures in Georgia is a pulling factor for international patients, particularly from Europe and the US.

Surrogacy laws in Georgia are lax and flexible allowing intended parents to be listed as the legal parents of the child. Intended parents are legally the guardians of the child even when an egg or sperm donor is used.

IVF Treatments in Georgia

IUI Georgia
Intra Uterine Insemination in Georgia is common IVF procedure in which the sperm are washed, concentrated and placed directly into a woman’s uterus.

ICSI Georgia
Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is a fertility treatment that involves using a needle to inject a single sperm into a mature egg. ICSI gives couples a better chance to become pregnant where the sperm cannot reach the egg for fertilization.

Egg Donation Georgia
Egg donation in Georgia is a process of a female patient using donated eggs from another woman for her own pregnancy. IVF with egg donation is used to allow women with infertile eggs or a poor ovarian reserve to become pregnant.

Surrogacy Georgia
Surrogacy in Georgia is a viable option for couples where the female does not have a functioning uterus preventing her from carrying a pregnancy. The procedure involves an established agreement between all parties that the carrier of the child is not a legal parent of the child.

Signts to See in Georgia

The capital of Georgia is a modern city famous for myriads of cultural attractions and enthralling heritage sites.

Visit art galleries, churches and archeological excavations, sulphur bathhouse or wader narrow streets with inner courts, surrounded with beautiful balconies emblazoned with laces.

The old town of the city is home to Georgian Orthodox, Armenian Gregorian and Roman Catholic churches, a synagogue, a mosque and a Zoroastrian temple.