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At the leading fertility clinic in Jordan, Dr. Wafa Akhdar's IVF Clinic, we are an international destination to treat male and female infertility. Our IVF clinic in Amman provides an extensive array of fertility treatment options ranging from intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF) to advanced laboratory techniques and technology such as introcytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

كل الشكر والتقدير للدكتوره وفاء الجعبري على هاذا المجهود الرائع بفضل الله ثم الدكتوره تكللت عملية الزراعه بالنجاح ونسئل الله ان يتمم على خير
August 2019
تجربة ممتازة انا زرت عياده د وفاء وكان عندي مشاكل في الانجاب وصارلي ٥سنوات بدون اطفال والحمد لله اجريت محاوله اطفال انابيب عند د وفاء الجعبري وربنا اك
December 2018
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IMSI in Jordan

One aspect of male fertility which can be measured and which relates to fertility is the level of abnormalities present in the sperm.

These existing irregularities result in poorer quality sperm which in turn may reduce the possibility of fertilization of an egg and effect the health of an embryo from which a pregnancy can occur.

In IMSI offered in IVF Jordan clinics, sperm irregularities can be identified by the embryologist using a powerful microscope with chief magnification. This higher magnification of up to 6000x has recently become possible to identify structures within the sperm head known as vacuoles which cannot be seen with a normal microscope.

Selecting sperm using IMSI Jordan can help to reduce the prospect of injecting a sperm with damaged DNA into the egg.

IMSI Jordan is employed in:

  • Male partners over 35 years
  • Patients whereby the semen analysis has identified a high number of abnormally formed sperm
  • Patients that have not achieved good quality embryos in previous cycles (if not related to egg quality)
  • Patients with previous unsuccessful treatment cycles not due to an apparent egg factor
  • Patients with a history of miscarriages

Sights to See in Jordan

Jordan is a domain of antiquity, from stonemasons to ancient cities and desert castles.

Explore the man Crusader forts and Byzantine mosaics and become consumed by this modern country, full of grand restaurants and blazing shopping openings. The ambiguities between the old and new are astonishing.

Visit The Citadel and Archaeological Museum in Amman. Step into the magnificent wind-blown desert of Wadi Rum.

Love the outdoors? Hiking is a way of life among those that visit the Dana Nature Reserve. The lively park rangers will help you endure the experience of a lifetime.

Ascend silently above Wadi Rum in a hot-air balloon. The eagle-eye of the dunes below makes for one of the most memorable days of your trip.

Cost of IMSI in Jordan

With the aim of fulfilling the hopes of childless couples, clinics in Jordan have stood ground on their state-of-the-art, patient friendly IVF clinics. The clinics are equipped with the latest technology and have blown patients away with their affordable pricing of IMSI and ICSI procedures.

IVF specialists in Jordan will help you at every stage of the exciting journey towards parenthood including the financial burdens.