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Tijuana Fertility Clinic is made up of a qualified medical team and IVF professionals who offer highly specialized areas in the study diagnosis and treatment of infertility for males and females.

No words to describe their excellency!
January 2022
Due to my problems with ectopic pregnancy and having one fallopian tube left that was blocked, my only option to conceive a child was through IVF only. I was losing hope and after my first consultation with Dr. Amezquita it gave me a positive feeling that I will have success in conceiving a child. My husband and I can’t afford to go with the process of IVF in San Diego, CA so I researched a lot of clinics and hospital in Mexico to find out who could help us. Then I found Tijuana Fertility Clinic and from the initial conversation that I had with Gisela (Office Coordinator) by email, she was well-detailed with the pricing and the process of the IVF. She was always quick in responding to all my questions because I worry with my body a lot of times. They gave us a positive response from the very first conversation that’s what made us decide to choose this clinic. From the clinic staffs, clinic cleanliness through the caring doctor and the caring nurses, we have no regrets go to this clinic to conceive our first child! I’m currently 7 weeks! Dr. Amezquita spoke fluent in English and was very knowledgeable when it comes to women reproductive system. He knows more than I do when it comes to women anatomy. Very impressive doctor! The front desk was also very nice and always smiling when we arrive to our appointment. And if we had trouble crossing the border because of traffic, we call the clinic and they were always flexible and understanding since we were traveling from San Diego. We highly recommend for women who are seeking to do an IVF. We love this clinic and we will go back for our 2nd child later! Thank you to Dr. Amezquita and whole staff for helping us conceive our first baby!
October 2019
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IVF in Tijuana

Mexico is an ever-popular destination for fertility treatments abroad. Tijuana is a trending hub in Mexico which offers all the advanced technology, expertise and convenience of a world-class IVF destination.   

It is a booming fertility hub changing lives of hundreds patients, one baby at a time.

IVF clinics of Tijuana are home to multidisciplinary team of fertility specialists who are committed to providing patients with the highest standard of care.

Tijuana has developed a name for itself as one of the leading fertility destinations in North America, inspiring confidence to many a couple and promise of parenthood.

Comfort and convenience are an integral part of Tijuana IVF programs. If you would like to stay in San Diego, California--IVF Tijuana clinic can arrange for a pick up at your hotel and securely transport you to the clinic. The approximate drive time is 20-30 minutes from San Diego to Tijuana.

You will receive your fertility treatments and you can be returned back to San Diego at your request—on the same day. Or you have the option to stay in Tijuana after your treatment to discover the captivating culture of Mexico.

If you are having difficulty conceiving, fertility clinics in Mexico will provide superior medical care with a personal touch. IVF doctors in Mexico are always inspired to create assisted reproductive programs where patients can find quality fertility treatment at affordable cost.

Over the years, Mexico has become of the most cost-effective destinations for IVF programs helping you throughout your journey toward parenthood.

IVF Tijuana is known for patient-centered approach combining compassionate with individualized attention to give you the highest chances of pregnancy success.

Tijuana fertility specialists are national leaders in reproductive science as well as some of the most acclaimed infertility doctors in Mexico and North America.

From nationally-renowned doctors and distinguished clinicians to well-trained staff—IVF Tijuana passionately paves the way for parenthood.  

When it comes to cost of fertility care in Tijuana, clinics offer some of the most competitive pricing.  

IVF in Mexico has excelled in reproductive care, becoming an international leader in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of infertility.

Tijuana is also an important fertility care center in Mexico which played a central role in several significant medical breakthroughs.  

Fertility doctors in Mexico pair advanced reproductive techniques with a comforting, supportive environment to provide you the personal care that you deserve.

Fertility centers in Tijuana comprise of a wide range of advanced reproductive treatment options, including IVF, PGD, gender selection for family balancing and egg donation.

Come to Tijuana as single, couple and leave as a family.

IVF Treatments in Tijuana

Egg Donation Tijuana

Poor egg quality due to a woman’s advanced age is the most common reason why single women and couples seek egg donation in Tijuana. A woman’s egg quality drops when she’s over the age of 35 and significantly declines after 39.

Intrauterine Insemination IUI Tijuana

IUI Tijuana is an effective fertility treatment that involves frequent monitoring of hormone levels and follicle growth throughout the cycle. IUI Tijuana is also known as artificial insemination which involves preparing and delivering sperm. The aim of this treatment is to implant a highly concentrated amount of active, motile sperm into the cervix or uterus of the female partner.  

Gender Selection Tijuana

Gender selection in Tijuana, also known as family balancing, using PGD screening allows couples to choose the sex of the baby. Many couples wish to balance their family. They may want one boy and one girl. In other instances, there may be a medical reason to choose the sex of the baby; such as a sex-linked inheritable disease.

Sights to See in Tijuana

Discover the valleys of Northern Baja, one of the finest vineyards in Mexico. The Valleys of Northern Baja produces many high-quality wine vintages. Behold Cava de Vinos L.A Cetto (Cetto Winery), a state-of-the-art building shaped like a wine barrel, which was fashioned from old oak aging barrels.

The entrance to the building has a couple of wine presses that Don Angel Cetto used back in the early days of production. The family-owned company also produces tequila and olive oil for sale. Wine tasting cost 2 USD for standard wines, 5 USD for reserves. L.A Cetto is open Monday through Saturday 10 am to 5 pm. Don’t miss out on a wine tasting tour run Monday through Friday.