Surrogacy With Egg Donation

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True to the CARE iconic brand, our leading surrogacy program in the United States gives you the opportunity to build your family with confidence. As you embark on one of the biggest journeys of your life, CARE Surrogacy offers you legal expertise, compassionate journey coordinators, pioneering fertility specialists using the latest technologies, and a commitment to build honest, healthy relationships. With offices located in a serene location just 25 minutes from the San Diego International Airport, the CARE team is committed to maintaining a culture of respect, inclusion and equal treatment for our intended parents.

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We LIV to get you to a place you LOVE. To contact our team, please call: English +1 (855)-534-5340 | Spanish +1 (855)-534-5342 | Local +52 (322)-297-2077 At LIV, our fertility specialists are some of the most renowned experts in the field. Our center believes in a team approach to fertility treatment. We trust in our multiple and complimentary medical disciplines to lead you on your journey to pregnancy success. Our goal is to provide you affordable and safe fertility care in Mexico, saving you nearly 50 percent when compared to United States and Canada. Both inside and outside of the center, LIV gives you the confidence to explore and enjoy an intimate experience in Puerto Vallarta.

We had an amazing experience here and were well taken care of. This is an amazing team and group of people here. They make you feel like family. It's not just that they know you by name when you walk in the door, or your medical history, they know you personally. Doing fertility treatments treatments is not for the faint of heart. This is quite the journey. These group of people, the doctors, the nurses, the medical staff, billing, reception, therapists, all of them, are kind, caring, and compassionate. We read the reviews before we went there and saw how great their services were from other people. We also noticed their high success rates. Well now that we have had the chance to see it first hand we are happy we chose them. We now have 6 embyro's waiting for us for implantation. We are looking forward to coming back for implantation. Thanks so much team! We look forward to coming back in July/August. :)
June 2019
My husband and I got married late in our age. I was 36 years old and he was 49 we both did not have any children from previous relationships. We had tried IVF in California, USA that was not successful and very financially draining and caused us financial hardship. Due to my age and with one ovary the cost for medication was outrageous. We had to wait a couple years to save for another try. We searched the internet and came across There were several options that they sent to us but staff that we spoke with at LIV was very genuine and helpful. Why we selected LIV fertility clinic Dr. Stetson was very patient with us and took the time to explain the positives and the negatives about our journey. Alonso was our coordinator and was always available by email or phone. He had a great personality and put us at ease if we had any type of concerns. Overall I give LIV Fertility Clinic five stars for top tier medical advice, timely treatment, professionalism and most importantly, for delivering results. Thank you to science and love we had 2 beautiful twins (boy, girl). First impressions: the front staff of the office is warm and inviting. They were very professional and courteous. Medical care/advice: My medical team was very responsive. They went above and beyond to address all of my concerns during treatment. Karla the embryologist gave us daily updates on our embryos. Cost: The investment of time, emotion and taxation on my body was worth every penny. They were affordable for our budget. Now that I am 47 and my husband is 60 we can relax and give our full attention to our little ones that we cherish so much. Thank you Dr. Steton, Dr. Perez and LIV staff.
February 2018
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CARE Mexico Verified

CARE Mexico beholds a vision of providing high quality, comprehensive fertility treatment and affordable surrogacy options to heterosexual Mexican citizens in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

USA: +1 855 227 3620 | MEXICO: +52 322 980 0523
In one word, love, from the very first moment I saw her (baby girl).
July 2015
It’s wonderful to come and start my journey and relax at the same time.
April 2015
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UKCFA Verified

UKCFA offers a wide range of infertility treatments tailored to meet your needs and make you feel enlightened on your journey to Parenthood. We are run by UK’s leading IVF Fertility Consultants with a unique partnership with Cyprus IVF Centre (CIC) in Famagusta.

BiotexCom - Center for Human Reproduction Verified

Medical center “BioTexCom” put into practice the most effective and modern methods of artificial insemination. Team of professionals fights for every positive pregnancy with each couple individually.

I was joining this program because I have removed tubes and hormonal imbalance. From the second try I got pregnant, and now I'm on my 25 week! Huge thanks to Anastasia, Yaryna, and Svitlana, they made my journey and treatment peaceful and comfy. Accommodation, transportation, meals, medications and so on were also included. Highly recommend BTC to all desperate couples, these guys are doing a miracle with our lives!
November 2019
We are a couple from Portugal. We've heard different things about Biotexcom, but decided to try it out. We are delighted to have found Ksenia, our surrogate mother. She is a pretty and intelligent 25y.o. girl, who has a 4 years old child and a husband. Ksenia had an abortion when she was 17 and so she felt guilty and decided to become a surrogate to help infertile couples. I was shocked about how kind she is! We hit it off from the very beginning. I am sure that our baby will be healthy. Biotexcom provided us with a hotel room, food and transport. Now we are planning our last trip to Ukraine, because our child is going to be born in 2 months. I can mention some minuses as well. For example, we had to wait for an email answer for 24-36 hours. It is written in a contract, but it is too long for instance for people who are foreigners in the new country. Anyway 100% of our problems were solved in 24 hours. The other minus is Ukrainian weather. It is really cold in autumn and winter, maybe because we are not used to such temperatures. In general, Biotexcom is a trustworthy company with modern medical equipment. It gives you a great possibility to become parents.
November 2019
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Surrogacy with Egg Donation Overview

Surrogacy with egg donation is almost identical to a regular surrogacy arrangement, however an egg donor donates her eggs to the infertile couple. This is usually because the intended mother is both unable to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term.


There are a large variety of causes of infertility and these can be male or female factors. Severe female reproductive issues may require the use of a surrogate in order to help the infertile couple start their own family.


The egg donor can be a known or anonymous donor. Egg donors can be selected by the couple from a database or chosen for them by the surrogacy agency. In this case, they are usually matched enabling the offspring closely to the physical characteristics of the intended parent.


If the egg donor is also the surrogate mother, this is referred to as traditional surrogacy and she will be genetically related to the child. Most individuals shy away from the complicated surrogacy laws – various issues concerning parenthood are difficult to deal with when the surrogate mother is also the biological mother.


There are also unique emotional attachment complications that can be hard to negotiate for everyone involved. Most couples choose to undergo gestational surrogacy. During this process, the husband’s sperm fertilizes donor eggs using IVF with ICSI (microinjection). The resulting embryo is then implanted into the surrogate. The father is genetically related to the child.


A considerable number of countries offer affordable surrogacy with egg donation treatments such as Armenia, Ukraine and Georgia. Surrogacy with egg donation in Ukraine is very popular among many couples from the UK.


Egg donation is also known as oocyte donation or ovum donation. Many women choose to donate their eggs to infertile couples for commercial or altruistic reasons. The egg retrieval process is fairly direct but needs to be timed closely. Women who donate are also required to fit a number of criteria before they can go through with the process.


There are two main categories of people who undergo surrogacy with egg donation: heterosexual couples who cannot conceive or be pregnant and gay male couples. Gay surrogacy by necessity requires an egg donation but either man can use his sperm to fertilize the egg.


This is generally more expensive that the cost of surrogacy and is a slightly more complicated process. Both procedures are the most expensive infertility treatments available and that is why increasing numbers of people are choosing to outsource it. The cost of surrogacy with egg donation is much more affordable in certain parts of the world than it is in the United States and United Kingdom.


An added bonus of traveling abroad for treatment is that particular countries have much more accommodating surrogacy laws. This can help to make the entire experience much easier. Couples can also take time out to have a much needed holiday as infertility can be very stressful.


Good Candidates for Surrogacy with Egg Donation

As opposed to a regular surrogacy arrangement where both of the intended parents are genetically related to their offspring, surrogacy with egg donation means that only the father is related to the child. Frequent because of female factor causes of infertility.


A good candidate for surrogacy with egg donation is a woman whose own eggs are not viable enough to produce children. This woman is ALSO unable to be pregnant because of problems with her uterus. Poor egg quality is a result of natural aging (the eggs of a woman over 30 years old become increasingly difficult to fertilize). Poor egg quality is also a result of: earlier treatment with chemotherapy, ovarian failure, ovarian cancer, prior hysterectomy, polycystic ovarian disease. Difficulties conceiving and carrying her child in the past can also contribute to surrogacy arrangements.


Gay male couples who want to have a child genetically related to one of the partners are also good candidates for surrogacy with egg donation. An egg donor as well as a surrogate is needed because they can only provide the sperm for this process. Gay male couples can be matched with an anonymous egg donor using their own criteria or they can choose from a selection of egg donors who are open to the possibility of knowing their offspring.


Egg donor eggs are often frozen in a process called egg (oocyte) freezing.


Ultimately, people who are good candidates for surrogacy with egg donation need to be well adjusted healthy individuals who desire a family. They will be screened before the process and the reasons for their infertility will be examined.


Surrogacy can be a complicated, emotional process so couples need to be able to handle this sustained stress over many months if not years. However, having a child can also be the most rewarding experience of your life and that alone is enough to make people endure the challenges.


Costs of Surrogacy with Egg Donation

The cost of surrogacy with egg donation is expensive. This is because you need to pay for the egg donation as well as all the other costs that are involved.


The cost of surrogacy with egg donation in countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom ranges from $50,000 to $100,000. Compared to the cost of surrogacy with egg donation abroad ($22,000 to $32,000).


Increasing numbers of infertile couples are choosing to travel to countries such as India and the Ukraine because surrogacy with egg donation is so much more within their means and they can have a holiday at the same time. Many infertility clinics even offer treatment packages that include other expenses as well.


The cost of surrogacy with egg donation varies significantly because each separate cost factor also varies. Some things that you need to take into account while working out your total expenses include:


Surrogate Mother’s Fee: Women who are surrogate mothers for commercial rather than altruistic motivations charge a fee for their services. This ultimately depends on the individual herself and to an extent, the agency she is working for (if you go through an agency).

General Surrogacy Expenses: You will be asked to cover a variety of general pregnancy expenses including: maternity clothing, lost wages, travel expenses, a life insurance policy and supplemental health insurance.

Medical Expenses: The egg donation itself falls into this category, the egg donor needs to be compensated. It is up to you to cover the costs of all medical expenses relating to the surrogacy. These include such things as: fertility medications, IVF with ICSI (microinjection) and egg and sperm preparation – as well as any additional expenses that may arise during the procedure.

Agency Fees: Agencies that work with surrogates and intended parents charge variable fees for their services. Their services include organizational and legal fees in addition to general support. Be sure to understand exactly what they help you with and what you need to organize yourself.

Legal Fees: You will need to hire a lawyer to help you negotiate the legalities of surrogacy. Their individual fees will vary depending on your unique situation and the work that will be required of them.