Surrogacy in Armenia

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The IVF Center in Yerevan is committed to offering affordable and successful treatment to women and men in all stages of infertility. Having extensive working experience in many European countries and Northern America, our team is more than happy to welcome anyone with infertility problems who wishes to receive suitable treatment in Armenia.

Surrogacy in Armenia

Gestational Surrogacy in Armenia can be a viable option for childless couples as the laws are surrogacy friendly laws and the costs are relatively low.

What works to the advantage of childless couples is the fact that Armenia Reproductive Rights Law (2002) protects the rights of the prospective parents.

There are many types of surrgoacy aggreements; it can be altruistic or commercial. Many countries such as the United Kingdom prohibit commercial surrogacy making it difficult for single individuals, gay couples or infertile couples to have children that are genetically related to them.

Countries such as Armenia, Ukraine and India on are fast emerging as the preferred surrogacy destinations due to the endorsement of commercial surrogacy. There are also, a large number of gay surrogacy agencies in Armenia.

Fertility practice in Armenia is regulated by the Armenia Reproductive Rights Law for local parents and international patients. Detailed contracts between parties are required.

Sights to See in Armenia

Armenia is a trove of history, littered with crumbling churches perched in spectacular settings. Landscapes transition rapidly from lush forests to shimmering lakes and stark deserts. But the best thing about Armenia is the Armenians themselves - ever welcoming and eager to show off their country to visitors.

Travel to the steep-sided Debed Canyon where you can visit the UNESCO-protected monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin.

Relax in Dilijan, a town set amid lovely pine forests with walking trails that ascend to alpine lakes. The town has a number of renovated Soviet-era sanatoriums and a community of retired artists.

Hike through Armenia's spectacular countryside, ambling over country roads through timeless villages or up steep mountain passes to catch a gorgeous sunrise.

Located in a tranquil setting, Armenian Royal Palace hotel is just minutes from the city center. The hotel welcomes its tourists to enjoy not only their comfortable rooms, but the vast array of facilities. Escape from the noise of downtown and enjoy your stay in a relaxing environment. Armenian Royal Palace hotel offers high-class service for travelers who prefer peaceful rest away from the crowded city center. The hotel combines modern and classic with a breath of timeless elegance.

Cost of Surrogacy in Armenia

Surrogacy in Armenia is advantageous for many reasons. The low cost for excellent quality surrogacy procedures is the main motivation.

Embryologists and other surrogacy experts are extremely experienced in dealing with clients abroad to ensure comfort and ease.

Prices for Surrogacy in Armenia are vastly lower than many other; sitting at nearly 50% of price.