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CARE Mexico beholds a vision of providing high quality, comprehensive fertility treatment and affordable surrogacy options to heterosexual Mexican citizens in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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In one word, love, from the very first moment I saw her (baby girl).
July 2015
It’s wonderful to come and start my journey and relax at the same time.
April 2015
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Surrogacy in Mexico

If you're considering surrogacy to build your family, then you probably feel overwhelmed by the options and have a lot of questions.

You have a few options when you are getting started. Some intended parents opt to create their own surrogacy arrangement by seeking to find a surrogate mother and personally coordinating all the travel, medical, financial, and legal details. This can be quite daunting, especially since you will be coping with the emotional aspects of the surrogacy process all the while. Others choose their fertility doctor's in-house program, if one is available.

IVF Mexico uses a team-oriented approach that encompasses the highest level of integrity, support, and compassion. It is our pledge to guide you through every step of this life-changing process, acting as both a resource for information and an unparalleled support system.

Doctors in the reputable fertility hospitals in Mexico are English and Spanish speaking, making communication between doctors and patients extremely efficient.

CARE Surrogacy Mexico embraces the commitment of providing high quality, fertility and surrogacy options through inclusive and kindhearted CARE. Surrogacy programs offered in Tabasco promises safe legal third party reproduction treatments for heterosexual, single parents and same-sex couples. 

Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman agrees to become pregnant for the purpose of giving birth to a child for others (intended parents) to raise. This special woman is called the surrogate.

Sights to See in Mexico

Mexico is at the southern extremity of North America and is bordered to the north by the USA, northwest by the Gulf of California, west by the Pacific, south by Guatemala and Belize, and east by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.

Mexico is a country bursting with life - the people are vivacious, the landscape strewn with historical gems and the nightlife tequila fuelled.

Mexico City, the capital, is teeming with activity and has a population of more than 20 million people. It is a great starting point for learning more about the country's cultural past - the Plaza de las Tres Culturas celebrates the three major cultures that have shaped Mexico: Aztec ruins, the 17th-century colonial church and several late 20th-century buildings.

With ancient ruins just a stone's throw from the city, tourists should enthrall upon a visit to the Templo Mayor, the principal temple of the Aztecs and part of Tenochtitlán, as well as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Teotihuacan.

For a more colonial flavor, visit the beautiful nearby town of Guanajuato, discovered by the Spanish in 1558 for its silver deposits.

On the Baja Peninsula, head for the Cabos San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. On the Caribbean side, make for Cozumel, an island with nothing but beaches in every direction - Playa Bonita is one of the best.

Acapulco is known as 'the city that never sleeps' with bars and discos lining the streets.

Blue Seas Resort and Spa Puerto Vallarta offer the relaxed ambiance of Old Vallarta. The town s best dining and most exciting nightlife are all within easy walking distance. The resorts hold a true unique charm of small hotels but offer the modern amenities of a new facility.

Cost of Surrogacy in Mexico

Mexico is emerging as a lucrative option for those looking for affordable surrogacy options.

The top fertility clinics in Mexico can provide high quality medical care equal to that in other first world countries, but at the affordable prices of a developing country.

IVF clinics in Mexico help intending parents realize their dream of having a child at reduced costs.

As is the case with other medical procedures, in vitro fertilization in Mexico can result in cost savings of up to 70% percent despite hospitals being equipped with all the latest technology.

Even after dining, accommodation and travel expenses, the affordable IVF treatment results in sufficient cost savings to even allow tourists a chance to enjoy a vacation in this beautiful country.