Surrogacy in Nigeria

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It’s our mission to assist the many couples who are struggling with infertility by offering affordable solutions for IVF, egg donor IVF, ICSI , PGD, gender selection, and surrogacy.

Surrogacy in Nigeria

Fertility Solutions Nigeria deeply enjoys being able to help make families a reality for people who cannot carry a pregnancy successfully and require the use of a gestational carrier.

With a heavy burden to carry a successful pregnancy, Nigerian women are faced with overwhelming trials and stress due to the unruling social structure put on them.

Surrogacy providers worldwide help achieve successful pregnancies for many couples, as well as same-sex couples.

Gestational carriers are ready to be matched with potential parents. Carriers must meet strict criteria to be included in the surrogacy programs.

Once chosen, additional screening including psychological and infectious disease testing will be done. Fertility Solutions Nigeria showcases world-class infertility care while conducting groundbreaking research and medical education.

Expert IVF doctors in Thailand and IVF doctors in India bring cutting-edge medical advancements to the table to assist patients traveling from Nigeria. At the forefront of medical science, they are committed to delivering the most technologically advanced and compassionate care available.

Sights to See in Nigeria

Nigeria grants you access to a host of great sightseeing opportunities.

Lekki Market is a great place to experience what city life is all about. Take a short drive from central Lagos to Eleko Beach, offering the perfect getaway to elegance and pure breathing air.  

Visit Sungbo's Eredo to see the largest pre-colonial construction. Explore the actove historic culture at the Lekki Conservation Center on Lekki Peninsula.

Make your way to the Nigeria National Museum on Lagos Island, full of exclusive treasures from across this fascinating country.

The heroic tastes of Bungalow offers sizzling steaks, tasty marinated ribs, mixed meat skewers, prawns and fajitas. Bungalow Restaurant is the place to be if you are seeking out premier western style meat dishes.

The Four Points by Sheraton Lagos is the perfect retreat after a long day of sightseeing. The hotel is a great base for sightseeing and appreciating the gorgeous Lekki Peninsula, famed for its sprawling beaches and diverse tourist attractions.

Cost of Surrogacy in Nigeria

Troubled by high costs of surrogacy arrangements and underming social burderns upon childless women, Fertility Solutions Nigeria is available to provide low costs and successful matches.

Fertility Solutions Nigeria is regarded in the surrogacy community for helping couples achieve success without breaking the bank, causing further stress.

Surrogacy Thailand and and Surrogacy India retains significantly reduced fees, and bring IVF expert knowledge of the surrogacy and egg donation process.