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Me acerqué con miedo, pues nunca había estado en un quirófano y sólo tengo dos ojos y la idea de que eran muy importantes para mi vida normal. Pero una vez en la Clínica, todo fué amabilidad y las más extensas explicaciones de la operación, lo que devino en seguridad personal. El resultado me tiene privada. Veo de lejos y de cerca, incluso el ordenador y el periódico. Me olvidé de las gafas y mi vida ha dado un salto cualitativo hacia adelante.
July 2012
I had a lot of extra work and trouble because of my name. in my country your first name comes first and your family name is written in two places I did not exist. In the clinic I was sitting from opening time to lunch time When i told them they paid my lunch. Otherwise everything was good. When it was discovered I had cataract the price jumped from 1600 € to 4900€ , but I am happy, I can see well and after I had a few days on the beach. before flying back home.All recommended.
June 2012
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Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma surgery is a laser eye surgery treatment designed to correct a serious vision problem, known as glaucoma. The surgery can also involve conventional methods like making an incision in the eye to reduce intraocular pressure.

General health of the eye, type and severity of the glaucoma are factors that determine the method of treatment, either laser or conventional surgery. Glaucoma is an eye disease where the optic nerve is damaged and may lead to blindness if untreated.

Glaucoma is marked by too much fluid pressure that is built up inside the eye, called intraocular pressure which can damage the optic nerve and eventually cause loss of vision. Without effective treatment, glaucoma may progress into permanent blindness in a few years.

The advent of medical advances and modern technology made glaucoma surgery a simple, common eye care procedure. Using laser surgery, the goal of this treatment is to maintain the heath of the optic nerve, reduce the pressure in the eyes, or, in some instances, relive pain caused by glaucoma.

The most common type of glaucoma is primary open-angle glaucoma, which has no noticeable signs or symptoms except gradual vision loss. The earlier the diagnosis and treatment, the better chances of preventing optic nerve damage and glaucoma-related vision loss.

Another type of glaucoma eye disease is acute angle-closure glaucoma, which has more noticeable symptoms, including severe eye pain, nausea, sudden onset of visual disturbance, blurred vision, halos around lights and reddening of the eye.

Despite how common glaucoma surgery is in the US and Europe; it is considered an elective, cosmetic treatment that is usually not covered by medical insurance schemes.

The cost of glaucoma surgery in the US is one of the highest eye care treatments. For a crucial procedure like glaucoma surgery, time is of the essence. Some patients in Europe with deteriorated glaucoma condition can’t afford to wait for their scheduled surgery.

Traveling for glaucoma surgery abroad is a very effective solution to long waiting periods in Europe and high cost of surgery in the US.

Cost of Glaucoma Surgery

The cost of glaucoma surgery comes down to a variety of factors. The geographic location where the surgery is performed is the most deciding factor that determines the overall cost of the eye surgery.
By choosing your surgery destination, you will be able to calculate the collective cost of the glaucoma surgery, since you will find out the eye surgeon’s fees, the facility’s charges or any additional expenses that will be included. Eye care medical destinations are a quality, easy-on-the-wallet solution to vision-related problems.