Lasik in Mexico

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Ophthalmologic Studies Center of Saltillo Verified

Ophthalmologic Studies Center of Saltillo (CEO) is the only clinic in Saltillo, Coahiula (Mexico) specialized in diseases of the eyes. At the top Laser Eye Surgery center in Coahiula, we have the newest technology in medical equipment and highly qualified doctors.

I traveled to have eye surgery done at the CEO Clinic with very successful results, very happy with the service, very happy with the surgeons and with the clinic.
October 2017
My whole life I´ve been suffering from “strabismus”. After a fast and simple surgery in CEO my view and my eye got drastically better. Finally my life without glasses, thanks to Dr. Gonzalez Silveyra and Medical Nexus I can see the world in a totally new and better way.
October 2017
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Professional Ophthalmology - Dr. Adolfo Pena Aceves Verified

The clinic offers vision correction options beyond Laser eye surgery in Mexico. The clinical team will examine your eyes and determine the vision correction option that is right for you.

Was completely at ease and comfortable with Dr. Peña, and hospital staff. Had a greet deal of confidence with Dr. Peña!
April 2016
Dr. Adolfo Pena is a very thorough physician. He took a lot of time to describe the procedure to me in detail. He never rushed me and answered all of my questions. He had my best interest in mind and even delayed the surgery because i had worn my contacts ( which makes the vision test inaccurate and therefore the surgery is inaccurate). I would definitely recommend him to even my children.
January 2014
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Lasik Eye Surgery Mexico

Many vision problems can be corrected with eye surgery by a qualified ophthalmologist. In some parts of the world, treatments such as lasik, intralase and cataract surgery in Mexico are available at a very lost cost.

Several thousand medical tourists travel to Mexico each year to receive affordable, high quality medical treatments and save thousands of dollars. Lasik in Mexico is one of the most popular treatments among the medical tourism seekers.

Mexico is already a widespread tourist destination. Some may travel to Mexico for touristic purposes and while they are there, decide to have an eye procedure done, since most eye treatments are short and non-invasive.

Some may also travel solely for the purpose of eye treatment. Eye doctors in Mexico are all up-to-date with the latest Lasik technology.

Sights to See in Mexico

Mexico is an appealing country of unforgettable images, straddling amazing coastlines and providing activities for all types of tourists. Mexico is a multi-billion dollar tourism industry - medical, community and ecotourism - which makes noteworthy contribution to the medical tourism industry.

With its Native American legacy and discrete Spanish essence, Mexico is animated, colorful and exclusive. Its wide-ranging terrain ranges from beautiful desert land to white sandy beaches and blue waters, tropical rainforest and mesmerizing hills and bustling cities.

Visit the gorgeous beach resort cities such as Acapulco and Cancun, immense vacation havens. The countryside is induced by archaeological treasures, ruins of ancient cities and unlimited stone carvings of ancient gods relinking the Aztecs and Mayans.

The mountains south of La Paz make for an incredible exploration of animal and plant life and significant ecological treasures. Engage on the well-known hiking trails to work up an appetite.

Visit the fabulous white marble structure of the Palacio de Bellas Artes. The Palacio has two museums: the Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes and the Museo de la Arquitectura, which are home to amazing murals you don’t want to miss.

Explore Tijuana with plenty of noise and chaotic blurs. Tijuana is denoted as the 'sin city' of diverse activities.

Mexico's newest port, Puerto Costa Maya, is exclusive for cruise ships and engaging tourists. Situated on the Yucatan Peninsula Puerto Costa Maya is the fastest growing cruise port in the Caribbean that consists of three grand pavilions to discover and relax on.

Cost of Lasik Eye Surgery in Mexico

As healthcare continues to escalate in the US and UK, the cost of Lasik in Mexico will help you save financially and afford you your precious eyesight back. You will get to see the unique beauty of Mexico and relish in the difference Lasik will make.

Lasik surgery in Mexico is inexpensive and of high-quality. Today, many individuals are looking to have corrective eye surgery and laser treatment for cataracts in Mexico. The Lasik procedures are far more affordable in Mexico, often being available for a fraction of the cost that one would have to pay in the US, UK, or Canada. In addition to the lower costs, patients can expect high quality hospitals in Mexico.