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We are delighted to welcome you to one of the most highly recognized plastic surgery clinics worldwide, MDM Surgery. Our center is designed in a way to ensure your comfort and security, in the heart of the mesmerizing Argentinean capital, Buenos Aires.

My overall experience with Dr. DiMaggio was very positive and I would recommend him to anyone considering FFS. Generally speaking, I would say that Dr. D. is a highly skilled surgeon and also an artist. Those are two of the main reasons that I chose him. His fees are quite reasonable and that was probably the third most compelling reason. I happen to know 3 women personally who had gone to him before me and they all looked very good and natural. That gave me the first-hand knowledge I needed to be confident that he would do good work with me as well. Above all, Dr. DiMaggio are trustworthy...
August 2017
My experience with Dr. DiMaggio and was outstanding from beginning to end. I chose Dr. DiMaggio first and foremost for the quality of his work; his technique showed a natural aesthetic that I was hoping for. It wasn’t difficult for me to ultimately choose Dr. DiMaggio for my FFS, and I’m so thankful for my decision. My experience in Buenos Aires was great and I really enjoyed my time there, I was sad to leave (but I look forward to returning!). The healing process is long, but month by month I saw the doctor’s work emerge and I am so very happy with my results. As I tell people who ask, my FFS was the single most important step in my transition, as it solidified my outward identity to the world on a daily basis, and it has made it possible for me to pass seamlessly.
August 2017
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Breast Implants in Argentina

Breast Augmentation is an increasingly popular surgery in Argentina. In Argentina, you can combine a relaxing holiday, with cosmetic surgery you've always wanted.

As the most frequented performed cosmetic surgery procedure for women, breast augmentation can give women with small or unevenly sized breasts a fuller, firmer, better-proportioned look through the placement of implants in the breast.

With experienced plastic surgery Argentina doctors and the most credible facilities, breast implants is an excellent choice for those seeking affordability without sacrificing credibility.


Sights to See in Argentina

Being the second largest country is South America, Argentina truthfully avowals endless tourist attractions.

Visit the Iguazzu Falls, one of the top tourist attractions in Argentina and also one of the most visited places in South America. The Iguazzu Falls are bordered by Brazil, and offer you the best panoramic views.

Mendoza is a striking city located near the border with Chile, which is home to fabulous wineries.

Take a ride on the Train to the Clouds, offering spectacular train tours in which you pass through spectacular landscapes and mountain scenery.

Cost of Breast Implants in Argentina

Argentina is increasingly being sought out for breast augmentation. Argentina offers you the opportunity to take advantage of the affordable high quality service.

Although patient’s satisfaction is the primary goal, every team in Argentina is promising you an affordable and perfect enhancing appearance.

Doctors in Argentina offer high standard procedures combined with low prices and a beautiful seaside vacation.