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Vita Hospital was established in 1991 and was registered as the first private health institution in Sofia on April 1,1992. Since then, more than 300 000 people have obtained our medical assistance. The hospital provides medical services of uncompromising quality, and personal attention to each patient in order to understand their individual problems and concerns.

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Dr Dinev is a very professional surgeon, I have the highest regard for his care. On my initial consolation he was very concerned about an irregular mole and advised he would remove and have tested, In addition to this during surgery he also lasered several other suspect blemishes. With regard to my surgery I was advised what to expect and I felt at ease. I am now a month post surgery. The breast that was larger still is as is the smaller one, a little smaller, however I have been advised that I should wait three months before full result is realized. I stayed at Europa Hospital, the staff were all very pleasant and did their best to make me comfortable however very little English was spoken.
July 2017
I was very impressed with my experience at Vita hospital. The staff were all very friendly and efficient. Dr Dinev explained everything in detail during my consultation and after surgery. The nurses cared for me very well. I had my surgery in the afternoon stayed over night and left the next morning would highly recommend for service and price.
June 2017
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Breast Implants in Bulgaria

Traveling abroad for plastic surgery is coating today’s trends in travel and medical tourism industries. The fall in the costs of long-haul air travel has meant that visits to destinations to once expensive destinations, like Europe, is now within many patients’ reach. Plastic surgery is one of the most requested treatments in the medical world with body-contouring procedures, particularly breast surgery, dominating the operating rooms. The considerable savings promised by travelling abroad for plastic offers the greatest allure. Among the most sought after body contour treatment surgeries is breast augmentation.

The purpose of breast augmentation is to enhance the size and the shape of the breasts. Women who have gone through dramatic changes in their lives, such as pregnancy and breast feeding, may feel unhappy about the size of the breasts. Beautiful, full breasts are desired by most women. With several different choices of implant size and type, natural-looking breasts can be achieved. Plastic surgery Bulgaria has emerged as an inexpensive option for many women looking for breast augmentation and other body-sculpting procedures.

Plastic surgeons in Bulgaria are English-speaking, board-certified practitioners who incorporate the most current techniques to achieve restoration to the shape and form of your breasts. Breast implants in Bulgaria aim at restoring your breasts to their youthful shape, helping you look and feel your best. Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital and one of the most popular plastic surgery destinations in Eastern Europe and Balkan region. Plastic surgery clinics in Sofia are renowned for their quality cosmetic treatments, world-class equipment and skilled plastic surgeons. Breast implants in Sofia offers the same quality of after-care service offered in Europe and the US- with so many leisure and activity options to choose from after your surgery.

Bulgaria is an unspoiled and undiscovered hotspot in Eastern Europe with abundant natural beauty, culture and glorious history. Bulgaria offers beach activities and sea resorts, perfect for a summer or spring visit.

Sights to See in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an attractive country, covered in lush mountains and ancient culture, picturesque impressiveness and warm generosity.

Spend the day on an organized climbing trip in the wonderful regions of Trojan, Maliovitza and Roussenski Lom. Explore the copious caves and almighty rock formations encircled with primeval cave paintings.

Marvel at the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a beautiful building built in Byzantine style. Despite its Byzantine, Balkanic style, the cathedral was a tribute to the Russian soldiers who died in the Russo-Turkish war.

Visit the Rose Valley for a awe-inspiring view of the magically transformed colorful rose blooms. The Festival of Roses is renowned in many towns of the region.

Melnik wine cellars are a great place to enjoy on a warm afternoon. The tiny town is celebrated for its grand wine cellars. You can also find traditional lavish food.

Rest in tranquility at the Hotel Casa Boyana— complete luxury services and a host of elegance. The hotel is ideally positioned to the major commercial, industrial and governmental areas. The hotel has sophisticated decor and a fashionable flair.

Cost of Breast Implants in Bulgaria

Prices for breast implants can vary widely, depending on many factors which include the type of breast implants used, anesthesia and the surgeon’s fees.

The cost of breast implants in Bulgaria is substantially cheaper than most countries in Europe; due to the reduced cost of Bulgarian plastic surgeons, now is the time to take advantage of your desires.

During the past decade, Bulgaria’s medical sector has industrialized. Many private and public medical institutions in the country are now well-appointed with the most advanced equipment and offer aesthetic surgery and medical treatment of European quality at reasonable prices.