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Olá doctor Sterman: Gratamente sorprendido de ter noticias suyas....pode acreditar que nunca esqueço das experiencias passadas em Sao Paulo e do excelente trato y atençao recebedos por vc tanto professoalmente como pessoalmente. Eu estou bem..sem problemas de saude ou outros..felizmente; mas os anos vao pasando y ficamos cada vez um pouco mas velhos .mas nao posso me queixar Não sei o que precisa exactamente em quanto a meu testimonio das cirurgias que tive das suas maos...mas so posso confirmar que sempre fiquei muito satisfeito dos diferentes procedures que realizei com vc e seu equipo. Espero que vc seja tambem bem e gozando de tao bom sentido do humor como sempre . Acredito que sim. Sim gostaría de voltar a Sao Paulo; nao tenha duvidas que se volto..iré a fazer uma visita a vc. Se precissa de alguma referencia mais ou outra questao so te que dizer me ilho. Cumprimentos e abraços desde Espanha . José Juan Cervantes Alcobas
May 2018
I have had several surgeries with Dr Silvio Sterman and I consider him a brilliant surgeon. It has been 3 years since my facelift when I tell people I have had a face lift I get compliments on how natural looking it is. Both trips to São Paulo went smoothly without any complications . On my first trip Dr Silvio did a repair tummy tuck for me which I am delighted with . I had previously had an unsatisfactory result with my first surgeon in England . What can I say the trip to São Paulo was worth every mile travelled . I was met with warmth , efficient service and great surgical skill in the hands of Dr Silvio Sterman . Without any hesitation I would return to him for any future surgery I might want.
May 2018
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Breast Reduction in Brazil

Many women with excessively large size breasts are troubled by severe physical and psychological complications that disrupt their daily activities and deflate their self-steam. Physical problems range from chronic neck, back and shoulder pain, extreme rashes or irritation under the breasts.

Breast reduction surgery is a successful breast-enhancement procedure purposefully designed to treat these issues and to restore a woman’s self-confidence and body image.

Commonly known as mammaplasty, breast reduction can be an ideal option for women experiencing physical and emotional issues due to having disproportionately large breasts.

The procedure enjoys a high satisfaction rate among women with overtly large breasts who report significant improvement in quality of life and a physical relief from the chronic pain and rashes.

Brazil is a popular destination for body contouring surgery which empoys the most advanced treatment techniques to bring well-scalped, better contoured body appearance.

Breast plastic surgery Brazil physicians perform breast reduction by removing excess fatty glandular breast tissue as well as excess skin.

This treatment technique creates breast shape that is more proportionate to the patient’s body, resulting in a more lifted breast shape and nipple position.

There are a variety of non-invasive surgical techniques and treatment approaches for breast reduction in Brazil. The plastic surgeon’s recommendation, your appearance goals and anatomy determine the most appropriate breast reduction technique.


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Cost of Breast Reduction in Brazil

Breast reduction is one of the most unaffordable plastic surgery treatments in the US as it involves heightened treatment techniques where anesthetic is administered.

Breast reduction in Brazil is an affordable option to the average medical tourist because of the reduced cost of living and affordable overhead expenses