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The plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Nicos Mantas focuses on providing meticulous attention to detail, individualized and compassionate care, and exceptional surgical results in a warm and welcoming setting.

I had two times breast augmentation with Dr. Nicos Mantas, I’m very happy with his performance. My last surgery was 2004 till now my breast looks great, the only thing is,because it’s been so long, I have to do it again.
May 2020
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Plastic Surgery Cyprus

First-rate private hospitals and clinics in Cyprus offer any cosmetic procedure you can have done in the United States or Britain, for at least half the cost.

By choosing to travel abroad to Cyprus for plastic surgery, you can avoid being stripped of your life-savings, and enjoy a holiday at the same time, still saving yourself and your family thousands—without breaking the bank!

Cosmetic clinics in Cyprus
boast a diverse selection of plastic surgery treatments to suit each patient’s budget and aesthetic goals.

Many of these treatments include buttock Lift, breast implants, facelift, tummy tuck and breast implants, to name a few.

Almost 3 million tourists travel to Cyprus each year. It is the mystical birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, and home to King Cinyras, Teycer and Pygmalion.

Plastic Surgery Treatments in Cyprus

Breast implants in Cyprus:
breast implants in Cyprus are offered by top-rated cosmetic clinics to female patients seeking to increase the size of their breasts and enhance their overall figure.

Tummy Tuck in Cyprus:
Tummy tuck in Cyprus can help patients lose sagging skin and excess fat deposited on the abdomen, due to significant volume of weight loss.

Facelift in Cyprus:
Facelift in Cyprus has been growing more in popularity in the last couple of years, thanks to state-of-the-art clinics and skilled plastic surgeons.

Nose Surgery in Cyprus:
Nose surgery in Cyprus can help correct nasal function and treat common breathing problems patients sometimes experience.

Liposuction in Cyprus
Liposuction in Cyprus is an ideal option for patients troubled with excess fat and skin in particular parts of the body that weren’t responsive to diet and exercise.

Sights to See in Cyprus

While you are in Cyprus, catch one of Limassol’s famous festivals, like the Carnival in February, the Wine Festival in September, or the Yermasogeia Flower Festival in May. Spend a portion of what you will save on cosmetic surgery exploring the marvels of Cyprus’s archaeological sites and museums. Whether you choose to recuperate in the comfort of your hotel room, or explore the city is entirely up to you. You will still be saving money. The important part is that you have a choice.

One side of the street is in Greek Cyprus and the other is in the Turkish Cyprus; Ledras is glaring representation of the divided island. It is a safe pedestrian zone, offering a wide variety of commercial outlets, local markets, cafes and restaurants perfect for family-friendly day out.