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Dr.  Elie Abdelhak Verified

Dr. Elie Abdelhak is an internationally recognized authority on plastic surgery in Lebanon and the Middle East. He performs a wide range of cosmetic, facial and breast-enhancement procedures.

00 44 20 3322 9575 ext: 1008
التجربة كانت ممتازة وحسيت بفرق في مكان العملية الالم يعتبر مقبول وكل يوم في تحسن والدكتور ماشاء الله عليه متعاون جدا ومعاملته جدا راقيه وفريق العمل جدا متعاون والآن تقريبا ليه ٣ اسابيع وكل يوم احس الالم يقل والكن بالنسبه للورم الحمد لله خُف جدا وان شاء الله أتوقع انه حيكون هناك فرق لانه الدكتور قال الي شهرين رغم انه الان في فرق ملحوض
April 2017
والله كان تعاملكم منيح جدا و التواصل ممتاز وهذا دليل على نجاحكم في عملكم واتمنى الكم النجاح والتوفيق ونشكر دكتور عبد الحق ونتمنى له النجاح. بنتي عم تتعافى بفضلكم
February 2017
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Doctor Samer Bassilios Habre - Plastic Surgery Verified

Specializing in aesthetic surgery of the face, breast & body, Dr. Samer Bassilios Habre, provides the highest quality of plastic surgery treatments and care to achieve beautiful and natural-looking results. Dr. Bassilios Habre is a European Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with American & European work experience.

+216 51 813 008 Contact Person: Maria Wilson
I would to thank very much Dr. Samer , he was very assisting and supportive
September 2019
Best Doctor I know. Very professional. Great experience.
July 2018
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Plastic Surgery Beirut

Plastic surgery in Lebanon offers a comprehensive array of cosmetic and reconstructive treatments registered by reputable medical associations.

Plastic surgery doctors of Lebanon are committed to providing excellence in all aspects of body contouring facial rejuvenation and skin procedures.

Beirut cosmetic surgery centers encompass an extensive spectrum of surgery procedures and treatments to reshape your features, improve your body profile and rejuvenate your appearance.  

Plastic surgery clinics in Lebanon are fully-equipped with progressive technology and safe health care services. Plastic surgeons are expert, compassionate medical professionals, committed to providing the best possible results and comfortable experience for patients and medical tourists.

Aesthetic surgeons in Beirut are renowned for their artistic aptitude, innovation and focused attention to detail.

Beirut plastic surgeons offer the best of both science and art to ensure the most beautiful outcomes possible.

Plastic surgery patients looking to revolutionize the way their body looks can take advantage of body contouring procedure including breast implants in Lebanon, liposuction and tummy tuck.

Plastic Surgery Treatments in Beirut

Breast Implants Beirut

Breast implants in Beirut is a plastic surgery procedure designed to fulfill the desire for fuller breasts or to restore breast volume lost due to pregnancy or weight loss.

Liposuction Beirut

Liposuction in Beirut aims to slim and reshape specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits and skin folds. The body surgery treatment can improve body contours and proportion.

Tummy Tuck Beirut

Also referred to as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck in Beirut surgically removes excess fat and skin. In most patients, abdominoplasty in Beirut restores weakened muscles, creating an abdominal profile that’s smoother and firmer.

Facelift Beirut

If you are unhappy about the visible signs of facial aging; facelift in Beirut may be an appropriate facial surgery for you. Also known as rhytidectomy, a facelift is designed to improve visible signs of aging in the face and neck.

Sights to See in Beirut

Maghen Abraham synagogue is an off-the-beaten-path place to visit when vacationing in Beirut. Well-hidden between Rue France and Wadi Abou Jmil, Maghen Abraham synagogue is one of the oldest synagogues in Lebanon.

It was designed by the architect Bindo Manham and construction was supervised by Ezra Benjamin and Joseph Balaya. The synagogue was used for Torah and scientific lectures, wedding and other festive events.