Dental Implants in Lebanon

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Dental Implants  in Lebanon
The Dental Clinic of Doctor Chadi Yazbeck Verified

The Dental Clinic of Doctor Chadi Yazbeck is one of the most important dental clinics in Zgharta, Lebanon. Our dental center gives patients an extensive choice of dental treatments — including dental Implants, oral surgery, esthetic dentistry or the "Hollywood Smile", and advanced teeth whitening.

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August 2014
I was extremely pleased with the treatment and the after care service I received in DBC. I found the Surgeons and staff very helpful and easy to communicate. The team were very professional and courteous at all times making the entire procedure stress free.
March 2013
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Dental and Beauty Center Verified

Traveling to Lebanon for dental care will earn you a world of sparkling smiles. The Dental and Beauty Center is one of the most advanced cosmetic dental clinics in Beirut offering today’s high-end technology and professional dentists to achieve warm, genuine smiles that come from inside out.

Dental Implants Lebanon

One missing tooth can highly impact the health of your mouth, making way for more tooth loss.

Dental implants now offer an ideal solution to missing tooth. However some patients in some countries like the US and Europe pay a steep price for dental implant.

This is where dentists Lebanon step in to make dental treatment an affordable one. Lebanon dentists are committed to offering you the highest quality dental care possible and will do their best to ensure that your visit is a comfortable and gratifying experience.

They take pride in providing an excellent group of qualified and caring staff.

In addition to the dentists’ knowledge and know-how, dental clinics in Lebanon house the latest technological advancements to provide you the safest and most comprehensive dental care.   

The most modern method to replace missing teeth in Lebanon is dental implants procedure. Dental implants Lebanon offer patients a permanent, stable and natural looking alternative to fixed and removable dentures.  

Dentists will assess your gums, remaining teeth, current prosthetic and history of your dental health before recommending implants.

If your bone density is sufficient and your mouth is in good health, you might be a good candidate for dental implants in Lebanon.

Dental implants can support a fixed bridge or can be an amazing alternative to loose-fitting full dentures. The first step of getting a sound smile is when dentists place a titanium post into the jawbone.

The jawbone tissue will fuse naturally to the post and create a solid foundation to foster a custom dental crown.

Dental implants in Lebanon are a revolutionary dental procedure: beautiful, stable, strong and solid— great replacement to missing teeth.

Sights to See in Lebanon

Castle Moussa is a wonderful place to visit on a lazy day. It sports a delightful, drawbridge and medieval-style ramparts. Inside Moussa’s castle, behold recreated scenes of daily life in Lebanon with wax figures.   

A number of rooms house Moussa’s large gun collection; you will also find an ostentatious display case of daggers, swords and Bedouin jewellery. There is also a second castle with floors showcasing different weapons. 

Cost of Dental Implants in Lebanon

Dental implants treatment in Lebanon is an affordable alternative to high-cost dental treatments in the US and Europe. The treatment is considered one of the most costly dental procedures in the US due to the lack of dental insurance plans. Dental care in Lebanon is an inexpensive option for patients looking to combine quality with affordability.