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Using advanced cosmetic dental treatments and materials, the top-rated Tijuana dental clinic, I love my Dentist, can make a real difference. The skill, experience, and commitment of our practice — using a unique combination of science and artistry — can literally redesign your smile. Even a subtle change in your smile helps you to project an image of self-confidence and high personal esteem.

He is an excellent dentist ..very professional. His clinic is very clean and well equipped. . I went with my husband and kids and we are all pleased. What I really appreciate is the way he treats his patient; he maintain a good relationship and call after couple of days to make sure everything is fine.
October 2017
I Love My Dentist in Tijuana surpassed my expectations. The service in my opinion is top notice & I would say is the same as some of our better Dentists in the States. In addition to the service I'm someone who enjoys waiting to be seen in the surroundings of an office that has nice interior appointments. Their office looks as if it were designed by Backen & Gillam in the States. I just had a root canal performed and was concerned about undergoing pain. The procedure was painless & believe it or not I can not wait to go back! lol A feeling I never had with any dental office.
September 2017
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Within 3 blocks of the US border, Circle Dental Group in Algodones, Mexico, (the Mexican State of Baja California) is perfectly situated for patients visiting from America and Canada. Managed and directed by expert dental surgeon, Dr. Jorge Jimenez, our team collaborates with other specialists and assistants to offer a full range of dental services.

Excellent people and great professionals! Dr. Jorge is a very good dentist and an honest man. He is very simple, down-to-Earth, person, very approachable and convincing. He does not chase a quick buck luck so many dentists and medical doctors in the US. We have seen him four times over a year, and we are glad we met him. His staff members have been the same since a year ago, which means they like him and he treats them well - another indication that he knows how to work with people. By now they all meet us like family, with hand shakes and hugs - very friendly people. Thanks a lot!
January 2014
Excellent work. I'm very happy and highly recommend the folks at Circle Dental
May 2013
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The leading dental clinic in Costa Rica, Dental Pluss, is a specialized dental center committed to the development and maintenance of oral health — providing comprehensive and multidisciplinary services based on concepts of excellence in service, efficiency in management, and quality of dental care.

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Our leading dental program in Portugal will allow you to combine treatment with a unique tourist experience. The Portuguese Aesthetics and Implantology Resort team holds over 10 years of accumulated experience — with more than 2847 successfully treated patients.

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Dental Bridges Overview

Dental bridges or fixed partial dentures are custom made false teeth that fill in the gaps of your teeth. They accurately bridge the gap left by one or more missing teeth. A dental bridge is composed of one or more false teeth (pontics) with dental crowns at either end. The crowns go over the anchoring teeth (supporting teeth) and keep the bridge in place. Anchoring teeth can be your own teeth shaped to accommodate the crowns or dental implants.


Dental bridges are an ideal solution for people who have missing teeth but do not need extensive work. They enhance the appearance of your smile and protect the empty spaces left behind. Dental bridges can improve your speech if you have trouble speaking due to gaps in your teeth and can additionally help to strengthen your bite (for those that have a hard time chewing).


Empty spaces in your mouth where teeth used to be are prone to bacteria build up and infection so it is important to fill these gaps in. Teeth should be given extra care because a gap in your teeth or other dental problems can lead to future dental complications. This is because there is an increased pressure on your remaining teeth and the exposed gum can be a breeding ground for bacteria.


Dental bridges are simple, long term solutions that can last for many years if you take care of them. They are moderately safe and remain permanently in your mouth, however the cost of dental bridges can sometime repels patients to undergo the treatment, eventually accepting the pain rather than tapping into their savings. Fortunately, patients can stretch their dental budget by traveling to affordable dental destinations. Hungary is one of the most desired and top-class tooth tourism destinations in Central Europe. Budapest is considered the capital of affordable dental care treatments and home to the world's best dentists, hygienists and dental nurses who work together to deliver the highest standards of dentistry and exceptional customer care. Dentists in Budapest use only proven cosmetic therapies and the latest dental technologies to provide top quality dentistry to patients in all stages of life.


Types of Dental Bridges depend on what sort of treatment you require, and your dentist will recommend one of three different types: traditional fixed bridge, resin-bonded bridge (Maryland-bonded bridge) or cantilever bridge. These bridges can be made out of various materials.


The cost of dental bridges can vary significantly because there are so many factors that contribute to the final price. The cost of dental bridges abroad are often more affordable than in the United States or the United Kingdom, which makes Mexico a welcoming alternative for affordable dental treatments. Dentists in Cancun offer a wide range of payment options for patients to choose from, while ensuring that you receive dental treatment that exceeds practice protocols.


Good Candidates for Dental Bridges

Good candidates for dental bridges include those that have a missing tooth or a couple of missing teeth. Patients with three or more gaps will need to speak to their dentist to make sure that this type of treatment is right for them. Depending on what your situation is, you may need additional or alternative cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dentures or dental implants.


If you have lost teeth as a result of trauma, accident, and tooth decay or any other reason, you are likely to be a good candidate for dental bridges. This treatment can greatly improve chewing and speaking if you have had difficulties resultant of your missing teeth. A dental bridge has a very natural appearance and is not noticeable.


One of the most important requirements for dental bridges is that you have strong enough teeth to support the bridge. If the teeth on either side of the gap or gaps are weak or damaged, they may not be able to keep the bridge securely in place.


Good candidates for dental bridges also have healthy gums. If the space between your missing teeth has been left exposed for a long period of time, you may have gum disease or an infection in the area. This is resultant of plaque and bacteria build up in the gaps left behind by missing teeth. If you practice good oral hygiene, this will not create an issue.


A good candidate for a dental bridge does not need any other mouth restoration work in the future.


Types of Dental Bridges

There are three main types of dental bridges. They include: traditional dental bridges (fixed partial denture), resin bonded bridge (Maryland bonded bridge) and cantilever bridge.


Each one is used in a specific situation, discourse with your dentist to find out if you are a good candidate for a dental bridge.


The location of your missing teeth and the amount of pressure that the area receives are the main factors that determine which type of dental bridges will be used. The cost of a dental bridge may also influence your final decision.


Traditional Dental Bridge: This type of dental bridge, also known as fixed partial denture, is the most commonly used today. An artificial tooth or pontic is joined to two dental crowns thus creating a bridge. The supporting teeth on either side of the gap are cut down to size or shaped accordingly. The entire bridge is then placed over the gap and the anchoring teeth so it looks like no teeth are missing. The traditional dental bridges can also be used to correct two or sometimes three gaps.


Resin Bonded Dental Bridge: Resin bonded, commonly known as Maryland bonded bridge, is a type of dental bridge, which is often less expensive than a traditional dental bridge because surrounding teeth are not adjusted as much. The dentist uses resin cement and metal bands to attach a false tooth to the surrounding teeth. This type of bridge is usually used on missing front teeth rather than back teeth.


Cantilever Dental Bridge: If you only have teeth on one side of a gap, a cantilever dental bridge will be employed. The side teeth will act as the anchoring or abutment teeth supporting the pontic (artificial tooth). This type of dental bridge can used for either your existing teeth as supports or dental implants if you have them. A cantilever bridge can be used on your front teeth and in areas where there is not so much pressure.


Dental bridges can be made out of a variety of materials and the types of dental bridges are not restricted to one type of material. Each has their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages.


Metal Dental Bridges

-Advantages of Mental Dental Bridges

· Very strong and durable

· Long lasting and resistant to chips and breaking

· Cause less wearing of neighboring teeth

· Require less filing down of anchoring teeth

· Can be gold, metal alloys or stainless steel

-Main Disadvantage

· Metallic and obvious unnatural appearance


Porcelain Fused to Metal Dental Bridges

-Advantages of Porcelain Fused to Metal Dental Bridges

· Natural final appearance

· Shade matched to your own teeth

· Can be used on both back and front teeth

· Strong and durable

-Disadvantages of Porcelain Fused to Metal Dental Bridges

· Porcelain can wear away at neighboring teeth

· Vulnerable to chipping and breaking

· Metal core can sometimes show through

· Can lead to problems at the dental crown and gum line


Ceramic Dental Bridges

-Advantages of Ceramic Dental Bridges

· Most natural final appearance

· Suitable for front teeth

· Can be used on patients allergic to metals

-Disadvantages of Ceramic Dental Bridges

· Ceramic can wear away at neighboring teeth

· Vulnerable to chipping and breaking


Resin Dental Bridges:

-Advantage of Resin Dental Bridges

· Most affordable out all types of dental bridges

-Disadvantage of Resin Dental Bridges

· Most susceptible to chipping and breaking