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As the leading dental group in Europe, DentGroup, we are not an ordinary chain of dental clinics. In a sector quite functional, we refuse to be one of many that increasingly look like one another. We represent the “new generation dentistry”. We’ve set out to become the world’s one of the most successful chain of dental clinics. Our primary goal is to make a difference in our patients’ lives and change the whole sector forever. Our expert dental teams offer Orthodontics, Dental Implants, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Endodontics, Special Treatments, and Pedodontics.

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Udent Istanbul Dental Clinic takes your dental needs seriously with its comprehensive care in a gentle, friendly atmosphere. The staff and clinic are fully compliant with the guidelines for cleanliness, safety, and infection control.

00 44 20 3322 9575 ext: 1028
كانت دكتورة جيدة شكرا للمساعدة
October 2015
كان تجربه جدا رائعه والأكثر روعه حسن تعاملهم
July 2015
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Denart Dental Clinic Verified

Denart is a dental practice in the resort of Side, Antalya in Turkey that offers a full range of dental procedures at affordable prices. Committed to each patient’s individual satisfaction and smile — Denart provides dental tretament to a high number of foreign patients. At Denart everyone can have the opportunity to have healthy teeth and at the same time improve their smile,.

Obviously, having to have so much treatment was very daunting, but I was kept informed and reassured every step of the way. I have to go back in October to have four implants fitted to my bottom jaw. In addition, I will have two implants put into my top jaw as the bone graft will be ready for them. My new crowns look amazing and I have had lots of compliments from my friends and family. The procedures were long, but pain free and it didn't spoil my holiday. I did have bruising but managed to hide most of it with make up and was able to eat soft food. I can't wait to complete my treatment and have a full set of teeth which I haven't had in years :)
May 2014
Hi louise it was lovely to have ment you too,its only been down to your kindness im now have confident and worth while smile back.the work provided by yourselves i will always hold dear to my heart,i eat without pain which is something ive not been used to for many years now withoutsaying i have be noticed and ive been very happy to express the kindess you at denard dental have quite happily shown me. Kind Regards Clive Culshaw
May 2014
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Dental Bridges in Turkey

Dental bridges are a cosmetic dental treatment crafted to fill the place of a missing tooth or multiple teeth with artificial ones held together by adjacent teeth.

Dental bridges Turkey are a long term solution which aims to prevent many dental issues that occur when only a singular tooth is missing or multiple teeth are absent.

 Some of the dental problems caused by missing teeth are shifting of remaining teeth, decay and periodontal bone loss and several cosmetic problems.

They are a common procedure that not only improve one’s smile aesthetics but also prevent the buildup of bacteria or infection in the empty space, as well as correct for biting difficulties and enhance ability to speak.  

Dentists Turkey comprise of an army of professional dental practitioners who provide various dental procedures at the most competitive prices and have a reputation of being the most affordable dentists in Europe.

Dental clinics in Turkey employ the latest techniques in cosmetic and restorative dentistry at an affordable price without comprising on quality.

When traveling to Turkey for dental bridges, dentists will make an accurate assessment of skin tone, lip shape, smile feature, tooth shape, color, bite, speech and more in order to provide a dental treatment that perfectly suits your needs and appearance goals.

A dental bridge is a device that is anchored to supporting teeth and replaces one or more missing teeth.

When a missing toot is replaced with cemented bridgework, the tooth on either side of the area of loss will be prepared with crowns, which serve as supporting foundation to hold the bridge in place.

Dental practitioners strive to discuss all treatment options available, communicate all pros and cons of each option.

As leaders of affordable dentistry and world class patient care in Europe, Turkey dentists uphold a reputation for only using state-of-the-art dental products and the latest procedural techniques.

Dental clinics in Turkey look forward to providing you with the best dental care and lasting result for a beautiful smile.

Cosmetic dental treatments available in Turkey can provide you with a dramatic improvement to your smile and facial appearance.

Dental centers have a track record of exceptional cosmetic and restorative results for its patients.  

Sights to See in Turkey

Escape Istanbul’s higgledy-piggeldy and jet down to Bodrum, Turkey’s answer to Ibiza. Bodrum is noted for its mega marinas, exclusive clubs, smartly-clad crowd and azure-blue waters. For the best views, head to Barbados Bay, a secluded stretch of rocky coast boasting deep-blue vistas and dramatic sunsets.

Located 20 minutes’ drive south-east Bodrum, Barbados Bay is a remote area with less commercial mass tourism, making for serene spot and meditation.  

Cost of Dental Bridges in Turkey

Turkey sustains the most affordable cosmetic dental treatments in Europe due to the lower-cost of living and affordable overhead charges. The recent medical renovations have positioned Turkey atop efficient and affordable dental care destinations in Europe and beyond. Traveling for dental care in Turkey, you are expected to save up to 70 per cent on your treatment.