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Dentists  in Antalya
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Denart is a dental practice in the resort of Side, Antalya in Turkey that offers a full range of dental procedures at affordable prices. Committed to each patient’s individual satisfaction and smile — Denart provides dental tretament to a high number of foreign patients. At Denart everyone can have the opportunity to have healthy teeth and at the same time improve their smile,.

Dentists in Antalya

Traveling abroad for dental care has always been a great benefit for international dental patients from countries like the US and the UK, where a visit to the dentist’s office can cost nearly an entire years salary. 

Turkey is an excellent option for patients looking to save on dental procedures while going on a fascinating Ottoman odyssey. Dentists in Turkey offer a broad spectrum of general, cosmetic and reconstructive dental services; from general examinations, to long-term dental health strategies. 

Antalya is Turkey’s answer to a sun-sea-sand vacation, with so many activities on offer such as scuba diving, sailing, paragliding, rafting, mountain climbing and tracking.

Dentists in Antalya have been gaining more attention in past couple of years, thanks to a sweeping restoration of dental clinics in Antalya and advancments of dental technologies. Dentists in Antalya provide patients with a large selection of cosmetic dental procedures to beautify their smiles.

Dentists Treatments in Antalya

Some of the most popular dental treatments in Antalya are dental implants, dental crowns and dental veneers.

Dental veneers in Antalya are available at many dental clinics through a fast, painless procedure promising to sparkle and permanently whiten the smile. Dental veneers in Antalya aim at creating a more aesthetically pleasing smile, as well as correcting any misshapen teeth.

Dental crowns in Antalya, also known as caps, are more of a functional quality that intends to restore a tooth’s shape and size, while simultaneously enhancing its appearance.

Dental implants in Antalya are an artificial tooth root placed into the jaw to replace a lost tooth or a bridge. Dental implants are an ideal choice for dental patients who lost a tooth due to injury or poor eating habits.

Sights to See in Antalya

Kick off your sandy shoes and make your way to Antalya’s Archeological Museum, one of Turkey’s largest museums, located in Konyaalti.

Antalya’s Archeological Museum houses 13 exhibition halls and an open air gallery featuring 5000 works of art. The museum covers an area of 7,000 m, illustrating the history of the Mediterranean and Pamphylia regions in Anatolia.

You haven’t been to Antalya until you visited the Duden Waterfalls! The Duden waterfalls are divided into two cascades: upper Duden Waterfalls and lower Duden Waterfalls.

The upper Duden waterfall is in a serene municipal park spilling small cascades-- whereas the Lower Duden waterfall is a resplendent cascade that runs across Antalya’s cliffs and pours into the sea.