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Este world exclusively offers a hair transplant treatment in Istanbul covering one session of 3000-3500 grafts. This unique treatment technique allows doctors to transplant as many grafts as possible without damaging the donor area or leaving out any scars. In one session, the procedure can cover the temple area from front to top creating full density and thick hair lines. The package includes accommodation, transfers from airport, to clinic and hotel.

For more information, fill out the form on the right and request a call back for free.

The Modern World of Beauty

Este World is one of the most modern and comprehensive aesthetics and beauty clinic groups in Turkey.

Together with its two branches in Istanbul and representation offices in Europe and the Middle East, the company offers the most reliable and professional service to its domestic and foreign customers coming from more than twenty countries.

Among the various causes of hair loss among men and women, the most common are due to hormonal disorders, vitamin deficiency, anaemia and genetics.

World-Class Hair Transplantation

The procedure where the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) Technique is enhanced and applied by the Este World’s Specialists. The procedure has been developed in utmost consideration of patient’s satisfaction and comfort during and after the surgery.

At the first stage, the hair loss type, volume of available hair and proposed number of grafts to be implanted per cm2 are identified. Illustrations and markings proposed for hair restoration are prepared.

During the design, utmost care is shown to secure that implanted hair matches the natural hair lines of the patient and yields a natural look.

The targeted hairy tissue in the natural persistent hairy region of the nape is extracted by the specialist surgeon under local anesthesia. The region from where the tissue was extracted is aesthetically sutured and coated by USA’s FDA-approved stitching material.

As the body can absorb this type of stitching material, further removal of sutures is avoided. And again thanks to this capability, net recovery rates up to 99% can be achieved in the nape region of the patient.

The hair implant specialists immediately split the extracted hairy texture into single, double and triple grafts and prepare them for implantation.

While the grafts are retained in special preparations that preserve their life span, hair follicles of the region to be treated are unveiled out as much as possible naturally based upon the direction of natural hair growth.

Starting from the front or back side, the grafts extracted are transplanted in single or double grafts according to the identified needs of the patient and in conformity with the patient’s natural hair structure.


Despite the known disadvantages of the FUT technique, in case the patient is identified to be suitable for the treatment, this procedure is performed by the clinic's specialists in the shortest time possible in the most painless manner with utmost number of extracted hairs possible by means of FDA-approved materials along the most sophisticated process.

On the other hand, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Technique is a method to extract grafts singly from the hairy texture without the need to texture extraction. Unlike the FUT technique, this method allows for extracting grafts from also the back, chest and leg regions of the body apart from the nape region.

Today, the Este World specialists perform majority of hair implantation procedures with the FUE method. As this method is not a surgical intervention, the patients can make up their minds easily and prefer this method. In the typical FUE method, the hairs are singly extracted and then implanted to the hairless region in limited numbers in a long time.

The patients preferring Este World are entertained in VIP rooms to have an unmemorable, enjoyable and comfortable hair implantation experience, and hair implants are implemented by a coordinated team of specialists along a process with each of its steps programmed individually.

Before follicle extraction, hairs in the donor area are cut and shortened to 1 m. By means of a local anesthetic agent, the regions of hair extraction and implantation are anesthetized. The tip of the Micro Engine is drawn near to reach the midpoint of the hair, dipped into the skin at the right angle of the hair growth and then pulled back.

This way, the hair, follicle and the microscopic texture surrounding it is cut in a cylindrical style. It is gently pulled with a micro plier so the follicular unit comes apart from the loose base. Thanks to this automated system minimizing wasted grafts during the procedure, the surgery durations are minimized and number of grafts extracted per unit time is increased. As mentioned above, the donor region may, in addition to the nape region, also be the back, chest and leg regions of the body.

After the follicular units are picked by means of the above-detailed method, they are implanted into much tinier hollows unveiled on the hairless area. Each follicular unit hosts 2 and 3 follicles in average.

The superiority of this method to the other are as follows:

  •     Treatment is applied only to the stem cell itself without extracting any tissue from the donor region.
  •     No cut or suture mark appears on the donor region. On regions where hair roots are extracted, quite tiny scratches of diameter less than 1.00 mm occur, yet these scratches recover without any mark behind in a couple of days.
  •     Where the need arises for hair transplantation, hair follicles may be extracted from the chest, back and other regions of the body and then transplanted to the hairless region as well.
  •     Thanks to this method, grafts extracted from the nape region can also be employed in eyebrow, moustache and bear transfer as well as hair transfer.
  •     Depending on the recovery process, there is no excessive waiting time between the sessions. The sessions may be applied every other day.
  •     2000 grafts in average are extracted in each session. Each graft hosts 1-5 hair strands and each graft hair yields 2,5-3 hair strands in average.
  •     The method is capable of implanting an average of 55-60 hair roots and even more per cm2.
  •     Furthermore, what makes this method highly preferred is that no pain or sensory loss occurs in the tissue after the procedure.


To find more about us and our services please Contact Us.

Additional Details

English, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish, German
Additional Services
Local Accommodation Assistance, Hotel Reservations, Translator Services
Nispetiye Mh., Aydın Sokak No:1, Istanbul, 34200 Turkey
Latitude: 41.0721
Longitude: 29.0181
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Reviews for Esteworld

We have 10 reviews from our patients

4.5 from 9 patient(s).

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19 Jan, 2015
I had: 3,400 Grafts

Thanks to Esteworld UK, Birmingham, who introduced Me to Esteworld, They done a great job, and a satisfactory results I Flew from Birmingham on Friday, and was back home on Monday, job done! Many thanks to Esteworld team istambul, From Yaser Hussain, Birmingham

31 Dec, 2014
I had: Hair Transplantation

After contacting Esteworld via email and sending them pictures, I made the decision of flying to Istanbul to do a nose job. The doctor and his team made me feel very confident; all of them were very professional and very kind. On my first consultation the doctor took his time, He listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions with great patience. The surgery went well, and the result is amazing, thanks again to all the team.

22 Jul, 2014

Very professional from start to finish

I had: Hair transplant

Very professional from start to finish, communication all the way through from Sam in Birmingham, is a great communicator who is still in touch with me 4 days after procedure to make sure all is ok. Medical team did not speak english but please remember, it is in ISTANBUL, I did not speak turkish. Team made me very comfortable throughout and my lack of Turkish was no problem... Jale was fluent in english and looked after me very well when i got nervous about blood sample, thank you Jale! I cannot go without mentioning Driver, Mr Goksel I believe, great english, great sense of humour and all round good guy. An asset to Esteworld! Hotel was also very nice, can find no faults with my visit and highly recommend.

12 Jun, 2013

Everything just perfect

I had: Hair transplant

Everything just perfect , the doctor, the personal staff, the assistant Many thanks to Ms Zahra

27 Mar, 2013

Clinic has requested this patient's comment to be hidden.

25 Dec, 2012
I had: Hair Transplant

Hey Melike, actually i just got home now, thank you for the wonderful hospitality and everything, you guys are very professional and super friendly, you made me love the country and respect all of you and sure expect many referrals from my side and also a visit very soon EnshaALLAH when weather gets better :) Kindly deliver my thanks, respect and appreciation to the entire team. Thanks again Hayssam Khalil

26 Sep, 2012

i'm pleased with the results

I had: Hair restoration

I had a hair restoration in Esteworld in April 2011. It was good to have a large medical staff around me during the procedure. A hair surgeon led the operation and gave me recommendations afterwards the operation. It's been around one and a half year since the operation and i'm pleased with the results. I have to admit that I was wondering is my result going to look natural or not. But everyone around me says that i'm physically and mentally more positive.

17 Mar, 2012

I have got a 3000 grafts operation. i'm satisfied

I had: FUE

I have got a 3000 grafts operation. i'm satisfied.

Abu Dhabi, UAE
31 Jan, 2012

Realy satisfying, the servive, the result, the location..

Realy satisfying, the servive, the result, the location.. Except the communication is a problem.. its very poor.. only 1 person in the center speaks english and this is annoying..

J.S., London, England
04 Jan, 2010

My treatment was done at a very professional level

I must say a huge thank you to you and everyone at esteworld for the excellent hospitality and care given to me during my stay. The staff were extremely helpful. I also loved istanbul and will be visiting again in the near future. My treatment was done at a very professional level and as its still early to say anything the result so far is very encouraging. Once again thankyou all so much for helping me. regards

Have you been a patient at our clinic? Leave us a review and tell others about your experience.

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Mustafa Tuncer - CEO

Languages: Turkish
Dr. Tuncer is one of the leading experts of medical tourism market in Turkey. His experience in hospital management gives him a unique perspective and forward-thinking vision to provide local and international patients the highest standards of medical care....

Contact me Learn more about me

Dr. Servet Terziler - CEO & MEDICAL DIRECTOR

Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Terziler talent and artistic skill have captured the attention and appreciation of many local and international hair transplant associations, which allowed him to build a solid reputation as hair transplant expert in Turkey. ...

Contact me Learn more about me


Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Topalan is expertly specialized in reconstructive cosmetic surgery, including face transplant, breast and body restorative treatments....

Contact me Learn more about me


Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Karayazi is dedicated to the well being and health of patient he serves. He uses his expertise in the delivery of anesthesia care with focused emphasis on safety, value and quality. ...

Contact me Learn more about me


Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Hamiloglu specializes in hair transplantation and hair loss treatments including eye brow restoration. He is an active member of ISHRS and has performed thousands of successful hair transplantation treatments in Turkey....

Contact me Learn more about me

Dr. Alaaddin Karabacak - PLASTIC SURGERY

Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Karabacak offers 29 years of experience in plastic surgery. He takes pride in his ability to improve, refine and restore natural beauty. ...

Contact me Learn more about me


Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Gence is an active member of many European medical societies. He has devoted his career to the art sculpture of plastic surgery treatments of head, face and neck....

Contact me Learn more about me


Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Servet Colak born in 1968 and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University....

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Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Yilmaz is famous for his commitment to patient satisfaction, procedural expertise and an abundant body of knowledge in many aspects of hair transplantation surgery....

Contact me Learn more about me

Dr. Eylem Acar - SKIN CARE

Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Acar understands the importance of excellent skin care and is committed to offering you with the highest quality of care in a comfortable and professional environment....

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Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Yildirim is a licensed skin care specialist who is dedicated to making a difference in the condition and appearance of your skin....

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Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Ozle provides exceptional medical treatments for male and female hair loss....

Contact me Learn more about me

Dr. Mehtap Vatansever - MEDICAL ESTHETICIAN

Languages: Turkish, English
Self improving in different areas, Dr. Mehtap provides patients with support and life coaching. ...

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Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Koroglu is one of Turkey’s renowned names in hair transplantation. He graduated from School of Medicine, Selcuk University....

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Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Kurtulus was born in Istanbul, 1980. He graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry in 1999. ...

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Dr. Funda Demir Im - PLASTIC SURGERY

Languages: Turkish, English, Russian
Dr. Demir is dedicated to providing exceptional results and a personalized experience in plastic surgery....

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Dr. Mehemet Faruk Yavuz - MEDICAL ESTHETICIAN

Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Faruk is a renowned name in the plastic surgery community, known for his experience in advanced anti-aging treatments....

Contact me Learn more about me

Dr. Bulent Tekerekoglu - PLASTIC SURGERY

Languages: Turkish, English
Often described as “one of the most talented plastic surgeon in Europe,” Dr. Bulent Tekerekoglu possesses skills of a prolific artist and sculptor. Dr. Tekerekoglu has extensive experience in body-contouring surgeries such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction....

Contact me Learn more about me

Dr. Kamran Efendiogulu - PLASTIC SURGERY

Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Efendiogulu maintains the highest standards of professional ethics and surgical techniques as a plastic surgeon in Turkey....

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Dr. Murat Mehmet Dinc - COSMETIC DENTISTRY

Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Murat Mehmet is a highly skilled cosmetic dentist dedicated to providing gentle and effective dental care to patients. ...

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Dr. Kursat Yalvac - PLASTIC SURGERY

Languages: Turkish, English
Many patients in Turkey and Europe have sought Dr. Yalvac’s expertise for the management of complex plastic surgery procedures. ...

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Dr. Volkan Serder - PLASTIC SURGERY

Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Serder is one of the most prominent plastic surgeons in Turkey, backed by extensive experience in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments....

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Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Ozdamar earned his medical degree at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Turkey. ...

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Dr. Emirali Hamiloğlu - Plastic Surgeon - Hair Transplant Specialist

Languages: Turkish, English
Dr. Emirali is a world renowned plastic surgeon specializing in a wide array of hair transplant treatments. He is backed by extensive experience in providing natural-looking hair restoration results and effective hair loss treatments....

Contact me

About Istanbul, Turkey

What to See:

Rumeli hisari: A beautiful fortress located on a hill at the European side of Istanbul, built by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II. Given its height, it affords sweeping views of the Bosphorus, Bosphorus Bridge and the Asian side.

What to Savor:

Istanbul is a melting pot of ethnic cuisines exquisitely reflected in the sheer variety of international restaurants, eateries and delis scattered across the city. Turkey is a large and vast country encompassing different regions with its own cuisine and local delicacies. Antiochia is popular eatery in Istanbul that serves specialties of Hatay province, Turkey’s Southeastern region, sharing borders with Syria. The menu is influenced by Arab cuisine offering 10 types of mezes, salads and lamb dishes.

Where to Stay:

Esans Hotel enjoys a prime location not so far from the hustle and bustle of the city and also situated in peaceful spot minutes away from the sea side. One of the few hotels that allows you to make international calls free of charge at its lobby!

Turkey Travel Tips

Language: Turkish
Currency: Türk Lirası/Turkish Lira (TRY)
Climate: Temperate Mediterranean Climate Hot, dry summers/mild to cool, wet winters
Capital: Ankara
Major Airport(s): Atatürk International Airport, Esenboğa Airport
Electricity: 220V 50Hz (European Plug)
Time Zone: UTC +2
Calling Code: 90