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Ivf  in Spain
Well i most say a good thing about the clinic first is staff & my dra anna galindo trias .i were under her treatment observation though i hadn't my success yet coz dis is my first cycle n every time ill be there i feel the positive vibes to b mother again.i strongly recommend to have a visit if u are trying for a baby
October 2015
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته تجربتي مع مركز غرافيدا كانت جدا جيدة،والصراحة مركز ممتاز من ناحية العلاج والاهتمام وطاقم العمل من دكتورة وممرضين ممتاز جدا وايضا من ناحية الترجمة فالاخت خولة ماقصرت معنا بشيء ،والحمدلله وبفضل الله تعالى العملية نجحت .
May 2015
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Gravida Fertilitat Avançada Spain Verified

Gravida is amongst the largest providers of fertility services in the world — as our growth has been the result of a supportive and personalized approach to fertility care.

It was great experience to meet up with the Dr. And staff there. Very calm and systemized procedure. Very clear information are given to the clients.
June 2016
Un bon accueil une très bonne équipe de professionnels en tout cas rien à dire merc
April 2016
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FIV Center Madrid Verified

FIV Center provides state-of-the-art, comprehensive fertility treatments and reproductive solutions to patients struggling with infertility. The clinic offers the most experienced fertility doctors in Madrid with both basic and advanced assisted reproductive technology for female and male couples.

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Ginemed Verified

Spain is famous in the world for infertility and reproductive medicine technologies, and Ginemed is no exception. Ginemed is home away from home for foreign patients seeking quality and affordable fertility options. From its precise quality control procedures, extensive egg donor databases, Ginemed is leading the reproductive technologies and research in the field of fertility in Seville and Spain. Italians, French, and British among other foreign patients are quite familiar with traveling to Ginemed to receive egg donation and IVF treatments in Seville.

Doctors was nice and kind, thanks for your attitude.
January 2015
I had a wonderful Experience at this clinic, at 46 years old my chances of conceiving were very low and in the UK the process would be very expensive and quite demoralising. Immediately upon contacting the international team I was treated quickly, efficiently and most of all with understanding and compassion. I now have a beautiful son for which I am eternally grateful and I still kep in contact with the lovely staff. Do not hesitate to use this clinic, it is clean, modern, centrally located, reasonably priced and very successful.
August 2014
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URvistahermosa-MHC Verified

As the leading IVF clinic in Spain, URvistahermosa-MHC offers the most comprehensive and personalized services as each fertility case is unique. We tailor each treatment to meet the needs of each individual — guaranteeing the best possible results through the services of the top-rated fertility and genetics unit. Over the years, we have helped patients from more than 20 countries to become parents.

ça a été une grande expérience.JE suis enceinte de 2 mois.Merci à vous .vous êtes merveilleux.
September 2015
Very professional but also friendly and made to feel at ease. Quickly gained faith and reassurance in the team. Contact and updates excellent throughout. This is my first cycle with FIV ( had 3 cycles with another clinic in Spain ) and am ecstatic & please that I am finally pregnant. Had 2 blastocysts transferred and hCG levels at 21 days post fertilisation are nearly 4000. Very pleased with FIV Marbella. They did me a prescription for patches and pessaries which were easily obtainable from the pharmacy nearby. Had a wonderful holiday too so a fantastic all round experience !
June 2015
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FIV Marbella Verified

FIV Marbella is one of Spain's premier IVF clinics offering Egg Donation Programs, IVF, and ICSI. Talk with Michelle, international patient coordinator who will help arrange your entire fertility vacation in Marbella. .

IVF in Spain

Spain has been helping thousands of couples achieve their dream of having a baby. Advancement in assisted reproductive technology in Spain has increased couples chances of having a successful pregnancy.

Spain fertility experts strive to offer the most affordable fertility treatment options, while creating a comfortable, stress-free environment (stress and fertility) that revolves around you and your needs.

IVF Spain clinics encompass the latest fertility technology and board-certified fertility specialists that provide the highest pregnancy sucess rates.

Fertility doctors in Spain have received special training in all aspects of fertility testing and treatment, including ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization (IVF) and egg donation.

IVF physicians adopt an unhurried approach to fertility care, taking the time to educate patients about the options available, so patients are able to make an educated decision about the treatment that suits their needs and medical condition.

IVF Treatments in Spain

IUI Spain: Artificial intrauterine insemination in Spain is used when in cases in which a couple is unable to have intercourse or unable to conceive due to a mild abnormality in the male partner’s sperm. IUI Spain is also an ideal option for lesbian couples and single women wishing to have a baby.

ICSI Spain: Intracytoplasmic sperm injection in Spain is a commonly performed IVF procedure to treat couple with male infertility factor. ICSI Spain is a process of injecting a single sperm into the inner part of a female egg to achieve fertilization.

Egg Donation Spain: Egg donation in Spain is an in-virto fertilization treatment that allows couples with a female infertility factor and women with poor ovarian reserve conceive pregnancy.

PGD Spain: Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis in Spain is a method used to screen embryos for genetic abnormalities or to determine the gender.

Sights to See in Spain

Your visit to Spain is only a chapter in its never-ending story. But this chapter is enough to fill stories of your lifetime. Madrid is Spain’s historical and cultural heart pumping a myriad of diverse cultural attractions, such as art galleries, cultural centers, exhibitions and creative street artists. Parque del Retiro is your perfect starting off point to your cultural journey in Spain.

Better-known as the “Lungs of Madrid,” Parque del Retrio feature a large 118-hectare park in the center of downtown Madrid, with a large boating lake, art galleries, artistic performances, mime artists, jugglers, puppet masters and singers.