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Tandem IVF Cycle

The clinics providing Tandem Ivf Cycle are listed below. Contact them today to get a quote, make an appointment or have an online consultation.

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Irega Cancun Cancun / Mexico
Irega Cancun

Irega Cancun is home to a professional team of fertility care experts who are passionate about making your dreams of having a baby come true and we guarantee it with our IVF Guarantee program.

  • Testimonial: " "We had a really good experience" " Chicago
  • Languages: Spanish, English
  • Additional Services: Airport Transfers, Translator Services
  • 00 52 55 4161 3010 ext: 1040

LIV Fertility Center Puerto Vallarta / Mexico
LIV Fertility Center

At LIV, our fertility specialists are some of the most renowned experts in the field. Our center believes in a team approach to fertility treatment. We trust in our multiple and complimentary medical disciplines to lead you on your journey to pregnancy success. Our goal is to provide you affordable and safe fertility care in Mexico — saving you nearly 50% when compared to United States and Canada. Both inside and outside of the center — LIV gives you the confidence to explore and enjoy an intimate experience in Puerto Vallarta.

  • Languages: English, Spanish

Instituto de Fertilidad Humana

Instituto de Fertilidad Humana specializes in diagnosis and treatments of infertility combined with state-of-the-art reproductive medicine, as well as the personalized care you deserve.

Gravida Fertilitat Avançada Spain

Gravida is amongst the largest providers of fertility services in the world — as our growth has been the result of a supportive and personalized approach to fertility care.

  • Testimonial: " Gravida representatives, especially Isabel Sabe and Paula Ben Amor had already put my mind at ease about our plans " rmatz
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish
  • Additional Services: Airport Transfers, Flight Booking Assistance, Hotel Reservations, Hotel to Clinic Transfers, Local Accommodation Assistance, Translator Services
  • 00 34 965 02 70 04 ext: 1099

Serum IVF Clinic Athens / Greece
Serum IVF Clinic

With individualized fertility testing, diagnosis and expert treatment, you will find all the answers you need to build a family. Serum IVF center provides infertility diagnosis and innovative treatment options to local and international patients.

Maternity Health IVF Clinic

As highly-trained infertility specialist, the team at Maternity Health IVF Clinic offers unprecedented experience and expertise to treat infertility issues. Utilizing the best possible treatment and technology, Maternity Health is eager to share our success with you

  • Languages: English, Arabic, French
  • Additional Services: Airport Transfers, Translator Services, Hotel to Clinic Transfers, Flight Booking Assistance

ADA IVF Centre Kyrenia / Cyprus
ADA IVF Centre

Ada IVF is an extensive gynecology, obstetrics and IVF center located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus — with a predominant focus on patient satisfaction and happiness.

  • Testimonial: " I would like to thank you for all your help with my treatment. My best wishes to you all and I hope that you continue... " J. Myers
  • Languages: English, Turkish
  • Additional Services: Flight Booking Assistance, Translator Services, Local Accommodation Assistance

Nicosia IVF Center Nicosia / Cyprus
Nicosia IVF Center

The contemporary Nicosia IVF Center is complemented by a devoted team of fertility specialists, who are continuously maximizing success for all individuals and couples who choose to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. Our experienced, compassionate team is committed to respecting and supporting patients’ medical and emotional needs — every step of the journey.

  • Languages: Arabic, English, French
  • Additional Services: Local Accommodation Assistance, Flight Booking Assistance, Translator Services

M and M Fertility Hospital

M & M Fertility Hospital allows easy and affordable access for patients struggling with infertility, while maintaining individualized IVF treatment tailored to the needs of each individual couple.

Fertility Solutions Nigeria

It’s our mission to assist the many couples who are struggling with infertility by offering affordable solutions for IVF, egg donor IVF, ICSI , PGD, gender selection, and surrogacy.

  • Languages: English

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What is Tandem IVF Cycle?

A tandem IVF cycle is a method of infertility treatment that uses both natural female eggs and donated eggs to correct a female infertility factor. Women experiencing poor ovarian reserves have trouble becoming pregnant and are often good candidates for a tandem IVF cycle. Tandem IVF is one of the most cost-effective treatments in assisted reproductive technology. This is apparent because during the tandem IVF procedure, both natural eggs and donated eggs are used in one cycle, which increases the likelihood of creating a healthy embryo while avoiding multiple cycles, ultimately costing less.


A Good Candidate for Sperm Donation Procedure

Women who want to increase their chances of pregnancy can take advantage of tandem IVF while using their own eggs and at the same time reserving the donated eggs for future use. Good candidates for tandem IVF cycle are female partners who have poor ovarian reserve; women with elevated follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) levels; and older women as FSH levels naturally peak. Tandem IVF treatment offers an advantage over IVF egg donation because it combines two treatments in one. Women with infertility get to use donated eggs and their own eggs for better chances of pregnancy.


Last updated on December 12th, 2011