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Breast Implants Mexico

The clinics providing Breast Implants in Mexico are listed below. Contact them today to get a quote, make an appointment or have an online consultation.

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Reveert Guadalajara / Mexico

Reveert Plastic Surgery combines the expertise of its highly qualified and accredited surgeons and the excellent facilities of the Puerta de Hierro Medical Center.

  • Testimonial: " What a wonderful team " Tim
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Additional Services: Airport pick-up, Accommodation

My Medical Vacations Plastic Surgery

My Medical Vacations Plastic Surgery is a leading plastic surgery provider in Mexico that aims to offer the highest standards of aesthetic treatments and medical tourism service in North America.

  • Testimonial: " My procedure was a success and far exceeded my expectations " Lee
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Additional Services: Airport Transfers, Translator Services, Assistance for Disabled Patients, Hotel to Clinic Transfers, Hotel Reservations, Recuperation Services, Flight Booking Assistance, Local Accommodation Assistance, House Call

San Javier Hospital - Reveert Puerto Vallarta / Mexico
San Javier Hospital - Reveert

Husband and wife physician team, trained extensively in reconstructive and plastic surgery in New York at the Manhattan ENT Hospital as well as Duke University has provided them with exposure to North American patients which is now an important factor in their daily work.

  • Testimonial: " Very personalized care " no screen name
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Additional Services: Airport Transfers, Local Accommodation Assistance, Translator Services

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Breast implants in Mexico

Mohamed Taki | Medical Research Editor and Travel Expert
Breast Implants Mexico

Breast augmentation surgery is no longer a daunting procedure as it once was- it has become more refined, thus providing better post-surgical results than years ago. Plastic surgery for breast implants, also known as breast augmentation, increases in popularity every year.

With so many locations out there, offering affordable alternatives for breast implant surgeries, for a fraction of the price in the US and Europe, it has become one of the most performed surgeries of all.

Mexico reigns supreme above the world’s most budget-friendly plastic surgery destinations, offering artistically gifted, highly trained and experienced plastic surgeons who provide a wide array of effective plastic surgery services, including breast implants, breast reduction, breast surgery reconstruction after a mastectomy, as well as liposuction, Botox, tummy tuck, facelift, nose surgery, and facial laser resurfacing.

A fuller body contour can be safely achieved through the placement of implants directly under the breast tissue or beneath the chest wall muscle. Implants that are filled with saline or salt-water, silicone or gel can be used for breast augmentation procedures. Other breast enhancement and breast surgery procedures include breast lift and breast surgery revision. Many plastic surgeons in Mexico that carry out breast implants, carry out these procedures as well.

Good candidates for this procedure are women who have experienced weight loss or who don't plan on becoming pregnant in the future. Prime candidates are non-smokers, those in good health, and those who are experiencing stable weight. Breast augmentation benefits vary for women who want larger breasts. The choice of implant filler, implant size, shape, the place of the incision and other features will be determined based on the surgeon's professional recommendations combined with the patient's expectations.

The pre-surgical planning is extremely pivotal, because that is where both the surgeon and the patient agree on the advantages and disadvantages of the different variables. Women who are recovering from injury, mastectomies, and weight loss lead to droopy breasts. Aging, heredity, pregnancy as well as breast-feeding are also among the causing factors for breast sagging.

Most plastic surgeons in Mexico are all board certified, English speaking and work at state-of-the-art hospitals. Mexico is a land of bountiful sunshine, tacos and burritos! It's also growing into one of the most popular medical tourism hubs for travelers seeking breast augmentation from the United States and Canada. Mexico is a place of color and smiles and Latin tradition that reaches back thousands of years.

The best way to recover from the surgery, which usually takes 10 days, is to chill out on sunny, sexy beaches in Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, while sipping a soothing cocktail!

Contact a plastic surgeon in Mexico now.

Sights to See in Mexico

Beautiful national parks are plentiful and cover land ranging from desert to mountains to forests. Mexico is a diverse country, offering many archaeological sites rich in culture belonging to the Maya, Olmec, Tarascan, and Aztec civilizations. Highlights in Mexico are the capital of Mexico City, like Monterrey, with its beautiful colonial buildings and Guadalajara.

There is more to Mexico than beautiful beaches and luxury resorts; Mexico holds the world’s best archaeological sites. Case in point: Ruinas del Rey is one of the notable remnants of the pre-Colombian Mayan Civilization, known as 'King of the Solar Countenance' in Mayan. Runias del Rey was an important site for astronomical practices in ancient Mayan period.



Cost of Breast Implants in Mexico

Needless to say, breast implants Mexico are also considerably low priced than their North American counter parts. However, the cost of each plastic surgeon and different procedure varies.

Being a short trip away from the US, is a definite appeal for many patients, who are seeking a quick, affordable procedure and want to go back home rejuvenated and transformed.

    Breast Implants Destinations

  • Cancun

    Breast Implants Cancun

    Cancun is the choice of innumerable US patients looking to combine a sunshine holiday with a high-quality plastic surgery treatment. Breast implants in Cancun is among the most popular breast and body surgery treatments in Mexico.

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  • Guadalajara

    Breast Implants Guadalajara

    Guadalajara is a major contender in Mexico’s plastic surgery race, attracting an army of patients from the US, Canada and beyond. Patients in search of a world-class breast augmentation treatment and board-certified plastic surgeons travel for breast implants in Guadalajara.

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  • Los Cabos

    Breast Implants Los Cabos

    Los Cabos offers the most exclusive aesthetic treatments in Mexico, with luxury spas, lavish cosmetic clinics to match a seamless plastic surgery experience. Breast implants in Los Cabos are performed by renowned cosmetic surgeons and pioneering practitioners of plastic surgery Mexico.

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  • Puerto Vallarta

    Breast Implants Puerto Vallarta

    Famous for its dazzling dining scene, adventure, indulgent amenities and authentic art, plastic surgery in Puerto Vallarta is a major draw as well. The prospect of combining all the aforementioned experiences with a safe breast implant in Puerto Vallarta is a proof point the city is perfect for leisure and cosmetic surgery.

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  • Tijuana

    Breast Implants Tijuana

    Tijuana is not only visited for a sultry shot of Tequila, as many travelers think; it is also a growing plastic surgery destination in Mexico. Breast implants in Tijuana are available in specialized body-contouring clinics that offer top quality results, excellent after-care and comfortable accommodation.

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Mexico Travel Tips

Language: Spanish
Currency: Peso (MXN)
Climate: Average Daily Temp 75-82 F (24 to 28 °C)
Capital: Mexico City
Major Airport(s): Mexico City International Airport
Electricity: 127V 60Hz
Time Zone: UTC −6/Summer UTC −8
Calling Code: 52

Last updated on February 21st, 2012