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Plastic Surgery in TunisiaYou are no longer destined to have crows feet, bags under the eyes or saggy breasts. Plastic surgery today can help you shape your destiny by giving you the look you have always wanted.Tunisia has earned itself a reputation as one of the top destinations for cosmetic surgery because of its prestigious clinics, competitive prices and satisfactory results.

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Patient Reviews

Plastic Surgery

Ms. BA (ear pinning, June 2006) -

I wanted to thank you and your team for your professionalism. I definitely do not regret finding your clinic and I couldn’t be more pleased with my results.

Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery patient from France, October 2004 -

I wanted to thank you because you were very professional and even more. Indeed I was fearful and nervous upon arrival, but my mood changed into carefree and relaxed. You have given me confidence and reassurance. When I woke up after the surgery, I was not in the best shape. I was not feeling so well, but your wisdom and mere presence gave me comfort. I truly thank you for that. I also would like to thank the entire team, who I kept very busy during my stay.

Plastic Surgery

Mrs. CL -

I would like to thank the entire team at Clinique Avicenne for their care, warmth and reassurance. I shall send a letter shortly to thank all who contributed to my stay and medical procedure… In any event, I thank you for what you did form e and your kindness.

Plastic Surgery

Ms. M.L. (liposuction) -

I would like to take this opportunity to Express my gratitude and satisfaction with my latest visit to the clinic. I ask you kindly to convey my most cordial messages to the staff of your institution. All employees of the Clinic have shown great professionalism and organization. Similarly, I thank you again for your listening and availability. Your patience and human approach were able to put me at ease. I am convinced that the result of my intervention far exceeded my expectations.

Plastic Surgery

Ms. J.F. -

I just arrived back in France. Many thanks to you doctor and nurses, and staff room for the quality of care and the warm surroundings. My husband joined me and would like to thank you for the excellent work you’ve done on my face. He is very, very happy with the results. Thank you again!