Egg Donation in Bogota

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The globally recognized Colombian Center for Fertility and Sterility (CECOLFES) offers couples the opportunity to identify and solve the problems encountered in having children.

May 2014
Had a great experience the whole staff is very nice and carrying and ery professional. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
October 2013
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Egg Donation in Bogota

Egg Donation successfully benefits women who are carriers of genetic diseases, women who have had multiple failed cycles of IVF, women with impaired ovarian function, or healthy older women.

This IVF treatment also heightens the chance of pregnancy for women whose attempts at IVF have revealed a poor response to fertility medications or whose eggs did not fertilize well or form viable embryos.

As part of the program protocol of IVF in Colombia, an egg donor injects fertility medication to stimulate her ovaries to produce multiple eggs. Hormone replacement is used to synchronize the recipient to the egg donor cycle. Just prior to ovulation, using standard IVF techniques, the eggs are retrieved from the egg donor's ovaries and fertilized with sperm from the recipient couple

IVF with egg donation in Bogota provides women who cannot use their own eggs due to a variety of reasons the chance to have children. Donors are screened from a wide range and screened to ensure perfect suitability for IVF treatment and are matched to the prospective parents.

There is the option of both shared and exclusive cycles available and the program is anonymous. Prospective parents also decide to have IVF with egg donation in Colombia as it offers the option of receiving excellent quality treatment combined with a great holiday.

To obtain more information on IVF with egg donation in Bogota you can contact the clinics directly.

Sights to See in Bogota

Bogota is a cosmopolitan city with many modern conveniences.

Stunning museum, luxury hotels, and a thriving nightlife will keep you entertained.

Enjoy a cocktail at the famous Yumi Yumi or enjoy your first bull-fighting experience at the Plaza de Toros de Santamaria.

For a relaxed, intimate setting head to Café Para Dos.

Centro Andino and Hacienda Santa Barbara are high-end shopping malls. Hacienda was built as an extension of an old mansion and is a shopper’s paradise.

After an equisite day in Bogota, soak up the views of the colonial buildings at the La Candelaria. The hotel is a utopia escape filled with high-quality personal service.

Cost of Egg Donation in Bogota

Bogota has the ways and means to compete with the best in the booming fertility tourism industry.

With costs significantly lower than in most developed countries and plenty of highly-skilled fertility specialists, egg donation Bogota is the perfect choice.

The medical zone and world-class hotels are creating organized, inexpensive fertility destination spots for intended parents looking to start a family with egg donation in Bogota.