Egg Donation in Colombia

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The Colombian Center for Fertility and Sterility Verified

The globally recognized Colombian Center for Fertility and Sterility (CECOLFES) offers couples the opportunity to identify and solve the problems encountered in having children.

May 2014
Had a great experience the whole staff is very nice and carrying and ery professional. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
October 2013
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Instituto de Fertilidad Humana Verified

Instituto de Fertilidad Humana specializes in diagnosis and treatments of infertility combined with state-of-the-art reproductive medicine, as well as the personalized care you deserve.

Egg Donation in Colombia

Colombia is at the forefront of the rapid development in South American fertility tourism.

Donor egg IVF is an option for couples whose eggs will no longer fertilize and produce healthy embryos.

The certainty behind women desiring to become pregnant is afforded by the option of pursuing egg donation. Unfortunately, the majority of women who use donor eggs have significantly diminished egg quality.

The first step is to decide the characteristics you prefer in an egg donor. The egg donor could be a family member, friend, or someone anonymous.

Ideally, the recipient’s cycle will be synchronized with the donor’s cycle. Hormonal medications will be used to manipulate a regular 28-day menstrual cycle and keep the recipient and donor on the same cycle. Being on the identical cycle offers the best chance of having the lining of the recipient's uterus prepared to support the embryo.

The male partner will provide a semen sample on the same day that eggs are retrieved from the donor. The semen and eggs are fertilized in a laboratory using in vitro fertilization.

IVF with egg donation in Colombia provides women with a low ovarian reserve or who are not able to use their own eggs for other reasons a chance of becoming pregnant. Donors are screened thoroughly to ensure perfect suitability and the programs are usually anonymous.

Many patients decide to pursue this treatment abroad as IVF in Colombia offers more options and less waiting times to couples.

To obtain more information on IVF with egg donation in Colombia you can contact the clinics directly.

Sights to See in Colombia

Colombia is a contemporary destination with an infrastructure that cultivates from its natural resources.

The glaciers, beaches, rainforests, and deserts are beautiful and surreal. Colombia showcases a pure blend of three cultures - Indian, European, and African.

Start the day with paragliding, kayaking, bungee jumping, or rappelling in Sanlander. Tourists flock to the rainforests to witness whales and marine turtles.

Colombia offers a special ambiance promoting incredible golfing experiences. Colombia is home to more than 50 challenging courses that are measured among the best in Latin America.

Colombia’s incredible diversity maintains the enriching variety of cuisine, landscapes, and nature that invite you make this an unforgettable experience.

Cost of Egg Donation in Colombia

Colombia offers the greatest healthcare services to be found anywhere, all at a fraction of the cost in North America.

IVF clinics in Colombia are large and modern, boasting the latest technology and at the cutting-edge of international expansions.

Colombia showcases excellent downtown accommodation available close to the top fertility clinics offering egg donation.