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Gender Selection in Colombia

IVF with Gender Selection, also known as sex selection or family balancing is the selection of an offspring's sex before implantation of the embryo into the womb.

There are only two techniques that reliably affect gender: One is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) with PGD, and the other is an experimental sperm-sorting technique, called Microsort™.

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) in Colombia is procedure to identify the gender of each embryo. With this method, the prospective parents will know the gender of each embryo prior to its transfer into the uterus. PGD gender selection is the most reliable method for gender selection, approaching 100% accuracy

The MicroSort® process is another form of sex selection via the sorting of sperm by male and female by a process that measures differences in the DNA. Using IVF in Colombia, the selected sample of sperm is then used to help you conceive. Once it becomes available again, Microsort™ will improve chances for female selection to approximately 90%, while the approximate chance for a male child is at a slightly lower 85%.

There can be a variety of reasons why couples might want to choose the gender of their offspring. One reason might be to avoid a gender related genetic disease, such as Hemophilia. Another reason might be to balance with the gender of the already existing offspring.

IVF with Gender Selection remains a controversial issue though and the legal situation varies in many countries. For this reason many patients decide to proceed with IVF with Gender Selection abroad and Colombia is an excellent option, especially for patients from the United States. To find out more about the IVF with gender selection in Colombia you can contact the clinics.

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Cost of Gender Selection in Colombia

IVF in Colombia is a massive sector for fertility treatments abroad. Many individuals find Colombia as an irresistible amalgamation of cheaper IVF fertility treatment and the vacation of a life-time.

Affordable IVF Fertility Treatment and Gender Selection can be arranged in Colombia today.