Egg Donation in Ukraine

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Medical center “BioTexCom” put into practice the most effective and modern methods of artificial insemination. Team of professionals fights for every positive pregnancy with each couple individually.

I was joining this program because I have removed tubes and hormonal imbalance. From the second try I got pregnant, and now I'm on my 25 week! Huge thanks to Anastasia, Yaryna, and Svitlana, they made my journey and treatment peaceful and comfy. Accommodation, transportation, meals, medications and so on were also included. Highly recommend BTC to all desperate couples, these guys are doing a miracle with our lives!
November 2019
We are a couple from Portugal. We've heard different things about Biotexcom, but decided to try it out. We are delighted to have found Ksenia, our surrogate mother. She is a pretty and intelligent 25y.o. girl, who has a 4 years old child and a husband. Ksenia had an abortion when she was 17 and so she felt guilty and decided to become a surrogate to help infertile couples. I was shocked about how kind she is! We hit it off from the very beginning. I am sure that our baby will be healthy. Biotexcom provided us with a hotel room, food and transport. Now we are planning our last trip to Ukraine, because our child is going to be born in 2 months. I can mention some minuses as well. For example, we had to wait for an email answer for 24-36 hours. It is written in a contract, but it is too long for instance for people who are foreigners in the new country. Anyway 100% of our problems were solved in 24 hours. The other minus is Ukrainian weather. It is really cold in autumn and winter, maybe because we are not used to such temperatures. In general, Biotexcom is a trustworthy company with modern medical equipment. It gives you a great possibility to become parents.
November 2019
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Egg Donation in Ukraine

Egg donation is often recommended for patients with diminished egg quality or quantity and opens up a world of possibilities for those who have struggled to conceive. Patients from all over the world travel to Ukraine for highly-effective fertility treatment and egg donation.

Intended parents may need to utilize an egg donor for one simple reason: they cannot produce viable eggs for reproduction on their own. Sometimes the reason is obvious, as is the case with a gay male couple for example, and sometimes the reason is more subtle, like a biological issue with the intended mother that isn’t known until after a fertility examination

Donor eggs in Ukraine can be selected by physical characteristics including hair color and eye color. You can further dissect donor selection by specific national/ethnic ancestry. Donors are screened thoroughly to ensure perfect suitability and prepared to be ready for the arrival of the intended mother.

Many patients decide to pursue this treatment abroad as egg donation in the Ukraine offers more options and less waiting times to couples.

To obtain more information on IVF with egg donation in the Ukraine contact the providers offering this service now!

Sights to See in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country in Central and Eastern Europe.

You can discover unspoiled spots in Ukrainian nature and culture at one of its 33 National Parks and Nature Reserves in Ukraine. Ukraine has excellent weather conditions to adventure through the scenic nature.

Castles hold for special moments to steal a piece of Ukrainian history with favorites as the majestic Lviv High Castle, Olyka Castle, and Bakhchisaray Palace.

Ukraine tourism delivers with exciting tours of the Black Sea and the Crimea, both ideal places for mountaineering, bicycling, rock climbing and diving. The Carpathian Mountains are a traditional place for skiing, mountaineering and kayaking.

Hidden in the upland forestry, SPA Resort Truskavets is defined for a variety of mineral healing water springs which are used for internal and external treatment options. It has become one of the picturesque enchantments in all of Ukrainian land.

Cost of Egg Donation in Ukraine

After you touch down in Ukraine, it becomes apparent why fertility tourists turn treatment into a cost-savings vacation to explore this intriguing part of the world!

In addition to its exquisiteness and tourist hot spot, Ukraine offers internationally high-quality, inexpensive fertility clinics.

Fertility treatment is an emergent market in Ukraine with a course of IVF starting at $2,000 in Ukraine compared to $7,000 in the US.

It is predictable that most fertility treatments in Ukraine cost 60-70% less than the same treatment in Western Europe or the US.