Surrogacy in Ukraine

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BiotexCom - Center for Human Reproduction Verified

Medical center “BioTexCom” put into practice the most effective and modern methods of artificial insemination. Team of professionals fights for every positive pregnancy with each couple individually.

I was joining this program because I have removed tubes and hormonal imbalance. From the second try I got pregnant, and now I'm on my 25 week! Huge thanks to Anastasia, Yaryna, and Svitlana, they made my journey and treatment peaceful and comfy. Accommodation, transportation, meals, medications and so on were also included. Highly recommend BTC to all desperate couples, these guys are doing a miracle with our lives!
November 2019
1er contact très chaleureux avec Ekaterina et le médecin à bruxelles. Vous savez mettre les personnes à l’aise, très bonne convivialité, Nous nous sommes sentis à l’aise depuis le départ et ns avons toute confiance quand à la suite. Nous nous sentons entourés par de gens très compétents.
July 2018
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Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction. It is a sacred agreement in which a woman carries and delivers a child for another couple or individual.

In many countries surrogacy might be legal but costs can be extremely high and unaffordable. Conversely, surrogacy may not be legal in your home country or involve an adoption process or the risk of the surrogate claiming the child, and therefore you might be interested in finding out more about your options for surrogacy abroad.

Surrogacy in the Ukraine is advantageous as it is one of the few countries permitting international surrogacy as according the Ukrainian surrogacy laws, surrogate mothers are not able to claim the child after birth.

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Sights to See in Ukraine

Ukraine is a celestial country in Central and Eastern Europe. Ukraine is gently encompassed by the bustling cities of Kiev, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, and Odessa.

Ukraine is indulged in its promising surroundings and rich leisure resources for medical treatment and health recovery spots.

Crimea is a fascinating exploration and an amazing place to start your adventures. Odessa is denoted as the "Pearl of the Black Sea" wholehearted and sunlit beaches to relax on. Sophievka Park is a famous world landscape for architecture buffs wanting to steal of piece of history.

Find a nearby restaurant serving up the famous Ukrainian dish of Varenyky, small boiled dumplings. Tsarske Selo and Chervona Kalina are great downtown choices.

Celebrate the tranquil and peaceful night at the Grand Hotel. From the second you arrive the style of elegance, comfort and hospitality will knock you off your feet.

Find the Uniqueness of Ukrainian culture.

Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of a few countries to allow international surrogacy. Relative affordability combined with few legal restrictions makes Ukraine an ideal choice. Ukraine is a popular destination for surrogacy because it not only has many successful rates and excellent doctors but there are a lot of women who are immediately available to be surrogates.

The costs including egg donation and embryo donation in Ukraine are also lower and more affordable than in any countries. The biological/intended parents' names are the only ones on the birth certificate.

The Ukraine surrogacy industry is the backbone of the medical tourism in Ukraine. The cost of Ukraine surrogacy is significantly lower than countries like the US and Canada. The cost effectiveness coupled with the lenient Ukrainian surrogacy laws, are premier reasons why thousands of couples and single parents come to Ukraine for surrogacy.