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Fertility treatment is an intensive process that requires sensitivity and an understanding of the physical and emotional aspects of every patient’s journey. Led by expert fertility specialists, EuroCARE IVF is an all-encompassing IVF centre located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In addition to EuroCARE’s pioneering in vitro fertilization (IVF) program, the centre provides egg and sperm donation, embryo donation, tandem IVF cycles, and PGS for family balancing preferences.

الاخوة الاعزاء بصحة يوركير توصلنا معكم عن طريق النت عن طريق الانسه ساره وكانت تجربه احسن مما تخيلنا من حيت دقه التفاصيل فى المعلومات دقه العمل الرائع وتسهيل امورنا وتسهيل دخولنا الى قبرص بكل اريحيه وسلاسه وكانت الانسه ساره معنا خطوه بخطوه فالشكر لها ولحسن معاملتها فعلا كانت انسانه مريحه فى المعامله مما زاد شوقنا لخضوع هذه التجربه التى اتمنى من الله ان تتم بخير كما نشكر طاقم الصحه من الرسبشن الى الدكتور Dr Yucel Inan الرائع وكل من فى المصحه لكم كل الشكر والتقدير والى عزيزتى ساره التى لها الفضل لوجودنا هنا فلكم كل الشكر والتقدير من الزوجين
September 2021
We are a married couple with 3 boys. We desperately wanted a girl as well... so I've tried to find a solution. I've found many North Cyprus IVF clinic which proposed gender selection method to couples like us. I've contacted many of them but finally, I've chosen Eurocare IVF. First of all, because our patient coordinator (Sherry) was a true gift: she let us know everything since our first email-change. She was always available and answered all our question so I made confiance for her. I've read a lot of review about the clinic which were positives. And finally, they had a special promotion regarding the price of the treatment - and let be honest, it's something which is really matter at these level of prices. So we've chosed them and we are really satisfied with our choice - they were professional, the clinic is beautiful, clean, modern. We've made preliminary tests in our home country (it was our charge), but only the bare minimum. Every tests we needed later, we can do at Eurocare (blood test, scans, even PCR test!) I started the medical treatment at home and I was monitored by a doctor in my home country. Than we went to North Cyprus on the 8th day of my cycle... and we've waited for 6 days for the egg and sperm collection. During this time, we were accompanied by Sherry and the medical team. We couldn't ask anything which they cannot find a solution. We were always picked up by taxi and carried to the clinic. The doctor and staff were professionals, the treatment was personalized. We've managed to collect 20 follicules, 14 of them started to grow after fertilization and 5 of them were good enough to freeze (we've chosen to freeze them for the moment). 3 of them are girls, 2 are boys. I am really grateful for all the staff to their efforts and I am waiting for the time when we can do the transit of the embryos as well.
August 2021
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MicroSort in Nicosia

Many parents desire to select the certain gender of their offspring for multiple reasons. Be it a male or female child, reasons may vary according to each family; some wish to balance the sex of the children, others attempt to avoid a sex-linked disease.

Sperm is the element in the sperm-egg conception combination that determines whether the conceived child is a boy or a girl. The process of MicroSort is designed to determine which sperm are X-bearing and which are y-bearing and then sorts the larger X-bearing sperm from the smaller Y-bearing using fluorescent dye to distinguish X and Y chromosomes.

MicroSort Cyprus is carried out by taking a sperm sample and separating out the girl from the boy sperm. The whole purpose of MicroSort is to increase the percentage of certain sex.

MicroSort is one of the most advanced gender selection Cyprus methods to prevent a genetic disease or family balancing purposes.

The dyed sperm are easily determined by the machine because the Y-bearing chromosome is larger and pick up more of the florescent dye.

After the sperm are sorted using cytometry, IVF Cyprus expert injects them into the female body though either through intrauterine insemination (IUI) or via conventional IVF in Nicosia.

MicroSort Nicosia is an exclusive preconception sperm-sorting technology that is particularly designed to increase the chances of conceiving a child of a certain gender.

Sights to See in Nicosia

Nicosia is best known for shopping and souvenir shops scattered around the city. Chrysaliniotissa Crafts Centre on Dimonaktos is your best bet when craving a dose of shopping.

Chrysaliniotissa Crafts Centre offers a neat collection of workshops around a courtyard of an old-fashioned inn, home to some skilled craftsmen and women. You can also buy stunning pieces of art, including an icon painted by Taliadorou Kalliopi, one of the island’s pioneering iconographers.

Cost of MicroSort in Nicosia

Fertility treatments are among the most exhaustingly expensive procedures in the US and Europe, not to mention the waiting lines.

The cost of MicroSort in Nicosia is remarkably effective due to the lower cost of living and cheaper overhead charges. By traveling to Cyprus for MicroSort, patients will benefit from personalized medical attention and advanced reproductive technology for an affordable price.