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Fertility treatment is an intensive process that requires sensitivity and an understanding of the physical and emotional aspects of every patient’s journey. Led by expert fertility specialists, euroCARE IVF is an all-encompassing IVF centre located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In addition to euroCARE’s pioneering in vitro fertilization (IVF) program, the centre provides egg and sperm donation, embryo donation, tandem IVF cycles, and PGS for family balancing preferences.

I had been in touch with Lyndsay for a while and she was very understanding about our situation when we had to postponed the treatment and was never pushy. We got a discount which was nice and medications were ordered from Turkey. We had great advantage of staying in Oscar resort as we were picked up and dropped off. This took the pressure off us and we were able to have a lovely holiday in Cyprus too.. embryo transfer was explained and Lyndsay was always there for us no matter what time. The staff were lovely and everything was explained so well I didn’t stress at all about anything through out the whole process. My pregnancy was lovely I enjoyed being pregnant..IVF was the best thing for us and now we are blessed with twins. You are able to do everything you would do if conceived naturally eg breastfeeding. Thank you so much and we will bring the twins to see you all.
October 2020
Liebe Yasmin, vielen Dank für die tolle Betreuung vor, während und nach unserem Aufenthalt auf Nordzypern. Beim ersten Versuch mit Eizellspende hat es direkt mit Zwillingen geklappt und wir sind sehr glücklich darüber. Ihr bemüht euch und gebt alles um zufriedene und erfolgreiche Patienten zu haben, und das ist etwas, das ich seit über 5 Jahren unserer Kinderwunschbiographie nicht so kennengelernt habe. In Deutschland fühlte ich mich bei 4 Kliniken nicht zu 💯 Prozent erfolgsorientiert behandelt; in Tschechien vermittelte man mir, dass ich keine Eizellen bei Punktion in Prag hatte (war aber gelogen),; in der Türkei sagte man mir vor Ort, dass ich nicht komplett behandelt werden kann, da ich nicht verheiratet bin... Nach so vielen Niederlagen wart ihr das Team, das uns bestmöglichst beraten und behandelt hat-mit Erfolg. Vielen Dank für alles! Es fehlt nur noch das von uns gewünschte dritte Kind und deswegen sehen wir uns bald wieder🤗 Alles Liebe, Efa und Familie
October 2020
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MicroSort in Cyprus

Microsort Cyprus is very much like conventional IVF apart from the male partner's sperm is sorted into those that produce male and female offspring through the microsort procedure. The microsort sperm is used in IVF Cyprus clinics to fertilize the eggs that are retrieved from the female partner's ovaries at the end of the ovulation induction process.

The eggs are fertilized in a laboratory environment and are placed in an incubator until they reach a certain level of development and are then transferred into the uterus for implantation. The medication used in IVF treatment is slightly different from the IUI Cyprus protocol.

Patients who are in their late 20’s or in their 30’s are often advised to go straight for IVF treatment rather than IUI for higher chances of success.

Sights to See in Cyprus

Cyprus is the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, filled with rugged coastlines, gorgeous sanded beaches and forest-covered mountains.

Explore the ancient castle of Saint Hilarion, kissing the limestone rocks of the Besparmark mountains, it is a sight to see.

Take a tour of the capital Nicosia, with stops at the Folk Art Museum, the Archbishop's Palace, St John's Cathedral, Byzantine Museum and the striking Omeriye Mosque.

Need more excitement? Party hard in Agia Napa, an energetic clubbing resort or spend an afternoon on the beach or the Waterworld leisure center.

Cost of MicroSort in Cyprus

Designated as one of the most widespread destinations for infertility treatments, Cyprus offers MicroSort at a fraction of the cost.

Back by high IVF success rates and highly sought after fertility treatments, Cyprus offers cost reduced MicroSort procedures for those seeking to balance their family with sex selection and still not jeopardizing on desired results or over priced treatments.

Escape the struggles of everyday life and relax in a gorgeous Cyprus, a country filled with beautiful hotspots and family balancing options like MicroSort.