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Fertility treatment is an intensive process that requires sensitivity and an understanding of the physical and emotional aspects of every patient’s journey. Led by expert fertility specialists, EuroCARE IVF is an all-encompassing IVF centre located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In addition to EuroCARE’s pioneering in vitro fertilization (IVF) program, the centre provides egg and sperm donation, embryo donation, tandem IVF cycles, and PGS for family balancing preferences.

What can I say. We have been through so much as a family. 5 rounds of IVF before finally falling pregnant naturally. Now we are trying to add to our family as we worry about our daughter being alone. euroCARE IVF have been brilliant. Lyndsay has been a huge support over many long frustrating months of Covid 19. They really listen to the history, to your concerns and treat you as an individual. There is no pressure to go ahead at any stage. All travel was taken care of, we were picked up at the airport, hotels were organised and visits to clinic were in the clinic taxi. On arrival we were able to discuss our concerns about the sperm quality. It wasn't until the day before egg collection we decided to add donor sperm for a quarter of the eggs. It was no issue. We used a microchip for my husbands sperm. The outcome was incredible. In 5 rounds of IVF we have only ever achieved one transfer of a poor quality embryo and never had anything to freeze. Whats more - we had good results not only from the donor sperm but my husbands too. We have 8 frozen embryos. I don't yet know the outcome of the cycle, and for me it doesn't matter. You can only help biology so much. What has mattered to me, is being treated as an individual, the care and attention, the flexibility. It's a big step to go abroad but I whole heartedly recommend you do. You will also enjoy North Cyprus. A lovely place to be. Good luck in your journeys. Laura and family
November 2021
After undergoing multiple IVF treatments in the UK and spending thousands of £’s. My husband and I decided to go to Cyprus for treatment. As soon as I made contact with Lyndsay (who is amazing) I knew I was set on EuroCare as our clinic of choice. Lyndsay was extremely supportive, organised everything for us, communicated through email and explained all procedures and travel arrangements etc with us. Once we arrived in Cyprus, the clinic is very relaxed and staff could not be more friendly. Lyndsay was always on hand with anything we needed. We finally are pregnant and were thrilled with the whole process in Cyprus. I felt so much more relaxed in the hands of Eurocare compared to London hospitals where I had been previous which were like conveyer belts! This was so different. I am now 6 months pregnant and all is going well. I am hoping for possibly a second child one day in the future and I shall be back on a plane to see Lyndsay and the team for sure.
November 2021
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Sperm Donation in Cyprus

Several factors can contribute to an individual or couple seeking Sperm Donation in Cyprus. Single women and lesbian couples who want to build a family can benefit from donor sperm to help them achieve a family. For some couples, the man is unable to provide a sperm sample for IVF or ICSI. Intended parents may also choose a sperm donor in order to avoid passing on a genetic disease or disorder that is carried by the male sperm.

Sperm donors undergo demanding medical testing safeguarding the health of their sperm. Donors are screened at the initial donation for several infectious and genetic diseases including HIV, gonorrhea, and hepatitis B. Sperm is frozen and quarantined for six months. After the isolation period, the sperm is re-evaluated for the diseases it was initially tested for.

Couples and individuals choose donors by physical characteristics, ethnic or racial background, and career paths. Individuals or couples using an anonymous donor may also study a profile on the donor (hereditary information, character essays, and medical history) and may possibly be provided with a baby photo.

IVF with Sperm Donation in Cyprus is an option for prospective parents as there are no legal restrictions in Cyprus. Single women can legally choose Sperm Donation in Cyprus.

Fertility treatment in Cyprus is a great option for those hoping to combine quality treatment at a low cost with a magnificent vacation.

Find out more about your options for IVF with Sperm Donation in Cyprus!

Sights to See in Cyprus

Cyprus is situated on the distant eastern side of the Mediterranean. The nearest neighbors are Turkey, and Egypt.

Cyprus is preeminently known for its brightness, beautiful coastal beaches, and splendid mountain ranges.

Inhale the best kept secrets of Petra tou Romiou, the most prominent and mythological beach in Cyprus. Find the fantastic and meticulous blend of delicious cuisine at Seven St Georges’ Tavern or the stylish Sabor. Find your artistic mix while discovering the ancient artifacts at the Pafos Mosiacs or the Nea Pafos. Fruit lovers can rejoice in the markets of Moniat Macun.

Illustrious sites of Cyprus include the Museum of Barbarism, Venetian Walls, and the Tombs of the Kings.

Spend the night relaxing at the modern Odessa Hotel, close to Fig Tree Bay Beach and Konnos Bay Beach. Take a walk along the beach at night or enjoy the views of the calming waters from your hotel balcony.

Cyprus will leave you revitalized. Discover the enchantments of the Island today.

Cost of Sperm Donation in Cyprus

The networks of Cyprus fertility clinics offer high quality care abroad and an expansive range of ethnic donors, comparable amenities and success rates at a significantly reduced cost than other countries.

The cost of Sperm Donation in Cyprus concludes a substantial saving of over 80%. Cyprus offers a broad range of ethnic donors to suit your needs.

Receiving high-quality care with an impressive vacation for much less is the perfect reason to choose Sperm Donation in Cyprus.