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PGD in Russia

PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) technology improves the likelihood of a successful pregnancy and birth for two distinctly different groups of patients. Couples with infertility related to recurrent miscarriage or unsuccessful IVF cycles and couples who are at risk for passing on inherited genetic disease to their offspring.

IVF Russia provides a complete spectrum of services from initial infertility diagnostics and treatment to world class advanced procedures such as in vitro fertilization with PGD.

Russia offers the most advanced technologies for treatment of reproductive disorder, maintenance of pregnancy, and prevention of genetic diseases to date.

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is recommended when couples are at risk of transmitting a known genetic abnormality to their children. Only healthy and normal embryos are transferred into the mother's uterus, thus diminishing the risk of inheriting a genetic abnormality and late pregnancy termination (after positive prenatal diagnosis).

Primary candidates for PGD in Russia:

Couples with a family history of X-linked disorders (Couples with a family history of X-linked disease have a 25% risk of having an affected embryo [half of male embryos].)Couples with chromosome translocations, which can cause implantation failure, recurrent pregnancy loss, or mental or physical problems in offspringCarriers of autosomal recessive diseases (For carriers of autosomal recessive diseases, the risk an embryo may be affected is 25%)Carriers of autosomal dominant diseases (For carriers of autosomal dominant disease, the risk an embryo may be affected is 50%)

PGD is also introduced in Russia for the purpose of family balancing.

Sights to See in Russia

Despite the visible effects of hardship and economic disparity, and its previous isolation from the rest of the world, travelers will encounter a country of enormous diversity and vitality, with cultural treasures and historical monuments, great imperial cities and glittering cathedrals.

Visitors will experience the enchantment of Tchaikovsky, the Kirov and Bolshoi Ballet, and marvel at priceless Russian icons and the unique style of decorative onion-domed architecture.

Visitors taking the opportunity to explore Russia will not be disappointed: its impressive museums, overwhelming sense of history, culture and unspoiled wilderness will leave one with a desire to see more.

Lenin's Mausoleum —the founder of the world's first communist state can still be seen most days of the week. Look for the queues across Red Square and don't talk as you file past the waxy-green looking father of the Soviet Union.

St Petersburg is Russia's most beautiful city, spread over 42 islands, vibrant in color and holds a true Italianate architecture. Peter the Great built the city in 1703 and it has remained the capital of Tsarist Russia for 200 years.

Hotel Arkadia is located right in the historical center of Saint-Petersburg, not far from St. Isaacs Cathedral and Nevskiy Prospect. This cozy hotel is decorated in a peaceable, conventional style and is home to delicious dishes of European cuisine.

Cost of PGD in Russia

While choosing the sex of your baby or diagnosing issues under PGD is technically possible resultant of advances in fertility treatments, not all options are equally affordable or available.

PGD in Russia is cost effective and increasingly sought after today. Russia is home some of the most trusted and respected fertility clinics in the world.

PGD in Russia and other types of infertility procedures are conceived at affordable costs under world-class care. Couples can save up to 75% of costs of the same procedures in other countries.