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Through our comprehensive and caring IVF programs, we give patients the best possible chance to overcome their infertility problems and realize their dreams of parenthood. At Altravita IVF clinic we tailor infertility treatment to meet the needs of individual partners.

I had embryo donation in AltraVita IVF. It was a difficult decision to become a single mom at 42... But now I am the happiest person in the world. Thank you for this gift!
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Surrogacy in Russia

Surrogacy clinics in Russia offer all parties the comfort of experienced and knowledgeable guidance and coordination through the steps of surrogacy.

With a hands-on approach to each surrogacy and egg donation arrangement, intended parents and their surrogate or egg donor can relax in the comfort of IVF Russia clinics without being stressed out by the legal, financial, medical, administrative, and practical details.

Although not all couples will be able to have a child, surrogacy in Russia affords you exceptional programs where you can be confident of receiving the most advanced and effective infertility treatment.

There are several types of surrogacy aggreements, including traditional and gestational surrogacy.

Traditional surrogacy is the process by which a woman - not the intended mother of the child - becomes pregnant with the sperm of the intended father through artificial insemination. The insemination is performed at the time of the surrogate’s natural ovulation. In some instances, a physician may prescribe an oral medication to the surrogate to ensure that ovulation occurs.

Gestational surrogacy is the process by which intended parents use either the intended mother’s own eggs or donated eggs to create a child with the intended father’s sperm or donor sperm through in vitro fertilization. The surrogate becomes pregnant by transfer of some of the embryos into her uterus on the third or fifth day after the eggs are harvested and fertilized. The surrogate mother makes no genetic contribution to the creation of the child.

Read more on the difference between traditional and gestational surrogacy: Gestational vs Traditional Surrogacy

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Capture a magnificent day inside the Kremlin and Red Square where the focal points of Moscow are surrounded by a thick red fortress wall containing 20 towers. Within its grounds, the Uspensky Cathedral contains three of the oldest Russian icons. Don’t forget your camera.

Russian wildlife is embellished in the Kursche Spit, a beautiful sand peninsula extending along the coast. Near Vladivostok is the Ussuriysk Taiga, an inimitable habitat for tigers, leopard, bison, boar and bears.

Experience a steam baths in true style. A Russian steam bath is a true experience and an integral part of Russian culture. Banyas range from small homely affairs in someone's garden to lavish and expensive places for the wealthy to spend time with friends.

Experience a wonderful mix of traditional and modern Moscow hotels at the exquisite Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel, Russia. Be pampered all night long or take a stroll to one of Moscow’s greatest pleasures, Bolshoi Theatre.

Cost of Surrogacy in Russia

One of the most important principles of in Russia is privacy. Surrogacy in Russia is backed by methods of treatment strictly confidential.

Russia takes great pride in an impeccable reputation for affordable arrangements. Each couple or individual seeking surrogacy is given the utmost attention, further focusing on their needs and preferences in order to achieve great treatment results at costs you can afford.

IVF experts in Russia have extensive experience in the field of IVF and care about achieving the best results without breaking the bank.