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Through our comprehensive and caring IVF programs, we give patients the best possible chance to overcome their infertility problems and realize their dreams of parenthood. At Altravita IVF clinic we tailor infertility treatment to meet the needs of individual partners.

I had embryo donation in AltraVita IVF. It was a difficult decision to become a single mom at 42... But now I am the happiest person in the world. Thank you for this gift!
January 2016
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IVF in Moscow

Infertility is the incompetence of a couple to become pregnant after 1 year of unprotected sexual intercourse notwithstanding of the cause. IVF in Moscow offers infertile couples a chance to have a child who is biologically related to them.

With IVF, a method of assisted reproduction, sperm and eggs are combined in a laboratory dish, where fertilization occurs. The resulting embryo is then transferred to the woman's uterus to implant and develop naturally.

Russia is frequently overlooked when it comes to traveling for medical tourism because of the common misconception concerning its health care standards. However, with the recent government efforts to transform Russia into a global medical provider Russia has become one of the most attractive and affordable medical tourist destinations. The initiative taken by the government to streamline the health care system in Russia has resulted into a mixed model with private and state financing, granting Russian citizens the right to receive health care services and medical assistance free of charge.

IVF clinics in Russia provide an affordable, world-class, confidential and stress-free service to local and international patients. Moscow's qualified team and established network of IVF professionals are ready to help your dream of a family become a reality.

Over the past few years, IVF success rates in Russia have increased; due to the availability of advanced, high quality IVF equipment, which enables fertility experts in Russia to provide all contemporary types of conception treatment. Physicians and fertility experts in Russia always strive to increase the efficiency and availability of assisted reproductive technology to help patients achieve their dream of having a family.

IVF Russia has succeeded in creating an enormous patient base due to number of factors:

•IVF and surrogacy laws in Russia are very flexible and favorable compared to other destinations

•Surrogacy Russia is legal and widely available at many IVF clinics in Moscow, where you can also be assisted with finding a surrogate mother if needed

•Russia is one of the most price-competitive destinations for assisted conception and third party reproduction

Surrogate mothers in Moscow are offered at most IVF clinics and surrogacy centers all over Russia

Surrogates in Russia believe that every person has a right to become a parent, regardless of their marital status, race, religion, nationality and sexual orientation. Therefore many surrogate mothers in Moscow are ready and willing to help gay and heterosexual couples equally and indiscriminately.

Couples who are not legally married can also benefit from IVF Moscow. IVF doctors and reproduction specialists in Moscow provide support and guidance to same-sex couples from all over the globe through extensive programs for gay surrogacy. Russia Surrogacy laws do not prohibit third party reproduction.

IVF Treatments in Moscow

One of the treatment branches that received the most attention resultant in a significant degree of improvement is assisted conception in Russia. Health care facilities and IVF clinics are centered in Russia's capital, Moscow. IVF Moscow was employed in 1986, when the first child was conceived in the Center of Maternal and Child Health Protection.

IVF Moscow specializes in the treatment of infertility employing the most modern methods of reproductive technologies.

IVF procedures in Moscow appreciate one of the highest success rates. Moscow’s clinics provide comprehensive diagnostic services.

IVF Moscow treatments include IUI, ICSI, egg donation and sperm donation, gender selection, and TESA.

Sights to See in Moscow

Moscow is an enthralling environment centered on political, religious and cultural history.

The fast and pulsating city encompasses a wealth of museums, medieval churches, and a fortress of sights to see.

Employ your camera at The Kremlin, an outstanding historical and architectural monument serving as an icon of Russia. Take in the fresh excitement at The Arbat located between Arbatskie Vorota Square and Smolenskaya Square, one of the most renowned streets in Moscow.

An empty stomach turns into an excursus of Russian history at the Godunov, a former refectory space of the 17th century. The menu embraces the famous Guriev porridge.

Relaxation is satisfying at the contemporary Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel, which epitomizes the world-famous Hyatt hotels chain in Russia, favorably sited in the very center of the Russian capital.