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Eurocanarias Oftalmológica is a company devoted to Eye Medicine and Surgery. This ophthalmology service has been on the cutting edge of national ophthalmology for almost 20 years.

Me acerqué con miedo, pues nunca había estado en un quirófano y sólo tengo dos ojos y la idea de que eran muy importantes para mi vida normal. Pero una vez en la Clínica, todo fué amabilidad y las más extensas explicaciones de la operación, lo que devino en seguridad personal. El resultado me tiene privada. Veo de lejos y de cerca, incluso el ordenador y el periódico. Me olvidé de las gafas y mi vida ha dado un salto cualitativo hacia adelante.
July 2012
I had a lot of extra work and trouble because of my name. in my country your first name comes first and your family name is written in two places I did not exist. In the clinic I was sitting from opening time to lunch time When i told them they paid my lunch. Otherwise everything was good. When it was discovered I had cataract the price jumped from 1600 € to 4900€ , but I am happy, I can see well and after I had a few days on the beach. before flying back home.All recommended.
June 2012
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Ophthalmic care is now an advanced, sophisticated science, where high-tech medical equipments are appointed to diagnose and treat vision problems, such as glaucoma, corneal disease and cataracts.

What used to require hospital stay and a lengthy recovery period is today a simple, one-day outpatient procedure, allowing most patients to return to their normal activities the next day.

Thanks to new laser vision correction technology, millions who were nearsighted, farsighted or had astigmatism are now freed from glasses and uncomfortable contacts and enjoy a better quality of life.

High patient demand for laser eye surgery and vision correction treatments have motivated laser manufactures and eye surgeons to make remarkable advancements in both laser technology and eye surgical techniques.

Lasek is one of the laser eye surgery treatments that encompasses many of the benefits in other vision correction procedures.

Not to be confused with Lasik; the distinct difference between the two vision correction treatments is that Lasek causes less eye dryness than Lasik.

Lasek eye surgery treatment also avoids some of the complications pertaining to cutting and reattaching the flap in the cornea.

Good candidates for Lasek are patients with thin corneas because it saves about 160 microns more corneal tissue than Lasik.

Lasek is also an ideal eye surgery procedure for patients who can’t have a cut flap, such as pilots, athletes, or others involved in occupations where eye contact is possible.

Laser Assisted Epithelial Keratomileusis (Lasek) procedure is carried out by removing the top layer of the cornea before re-sculpting it with a laser beam.

By properly re-sculpting the cornea, the eye doctor will be able to improve the ability of improve the eye’s focusing power.

The epithelial sheet is then replaced back on the surface of the eye and a delicate contact lens is implanted for a few days following the surgery to promote comfort. Most patients report dramatic results and significant improvements to their quality of vision.

Laser eye surgery in the US fall under cosmetic category of treatments, meaning the treatment is not covered by most health insurance programs-- making it a relatively expensive surgery for the average patient.

The breakthrough technology of eye care surgery extends beyond the borders of first-world countries, in a handful of medical tourist destinations, while maintaining the same quality of eye care available in the US at a reasonable price.

Traveling for laser eye surgery overseas is popular trend catching on in the US and Europe, because of financial benefits medical tourist destinations provide, as well as the high quality of eye care service.

Cost of Lasek

The low cost of Lasek abroad and high standards of eye care service are a glaring fact why medical tourist destinations witnessing an uptick in the number of patients visiting for an affordable, safe and quality laser eye surgery. You will be able to save up to 70 per cent on your Lasek treatment, when traveling overseas for laser eye surgery.