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Eurocanarias Oftalmológica is a company devoted to Eye Medicine and Surgery. This ophthalmology service has been on the cutting edge of national ophthalmology for almost 20 years.

Me acerqué con miedo, pues nunca había estado en un quirófano y sólo tengo dos ojos y la idea de que eran muy importantes para mi vida normal. Pero una vez en la Clínica, todo fué amabilidad y las más extensas explicaciones de la operación, lo que devino en seguridad personal. El resultado me tiene privada. Veo de lejos y de cerca, incluso el ordenador y el periódico. Me olvidé de las gafas y mi vida ha dado un salto cualitativo hacia adelante.
July 2012
I had a lot of extra work and trouble because of my name. in my country your first name comes first and your family name is written in two places I did not exist. In the clinic I was sitting from opening time to lunch time When i told them they paid my lunch. Otherwise everything was good. When it was discovered I had cataract the price jumped from 1600 € to 4900€ , but I am happy, I can see well and after I had a few days on the beach. before flying back home.All recommended.
June 2012
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Lasik Eye Surgery Spain

Top-notch private hospitals and clinics in Spain offer any Lasik procedure you can have done in the United States or Britain, for at least half of the cost. Eye care surgeons in Spain offer lasik certificates and are using the latest laser technologies. Many Lasik Surgeons in Spain have received training abroad, particularly in the UK.

By traveling to Spain for lasik eye surgery, you can combine treatment and travel and still save money. Don't miss the chance of a vacation in Mediterranean and get rid of the glasses or better your eyesight. Beautiful beaches, wonderful nature and attractive opportunities make Spain a unique destination for health care and vacation.

Sights to See in Spain

Spain is encompasses hundreds of miles of Mediterranean, vibrant cities and colorful attractions to amaze any tourists.

Have you ever witnessed a camel up close? One of the most popular activities is to explore the charming Maspalomas Dunes on the back of a camel. Camel rides are a chance to relax and explore for an hour.

Explore Granada, a high altitude city of romance, swaggering one of the most popular tourist attractions in Spain, the Alhambra palace-fortress. The fortress was built by the Nasrid rulers in the 14th century and is the most important and spectacular piece of architecture in Spain.

Visit the Prado Museum, one of Madrid's world-famous attractions of the 19th century, and one of the world's greatest art galleries comprised of 7,000 paintings that include masterpieces by Fra Angelico, Botticelli, El Bosco, and Velazquez.

Stay at the Arenal d'en Castell, a gorgeous vacation resort popular beautiful horseshoe bay on steep hills that slope down to an exquisite private beach.

Shop on the seafront of Benidorm, or rest in peace Costa Blanca's largest and liveliest vacation resort town and play on the white sandy beaches.

Cost of Lasik Eye Surgery in Spain

Spain’s medical tourism industry has become rapidly prevalent with tourists from England, France, Sweden, the US and Canada.

The cost of Lasik in Spain is more than 50% lower than recorded in the UK and US. Not only you will save money, but can adventure through the best parts of Spain with the overall savings.