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ROMOY Healthcare - Orthopedic Unit Verified

The entire orthopedic team at ROMOY includes proficient nurses, skilled physician assistants, caring nurse practitioners, expert surgical technicians, and an orthopedic outpatient staff that is dedicated to providing an empathetic and gentle experience for all our orthopedic patients.

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The services that i recived from ROMOY was very good and especially that realated to transport during the treatment.
February 2018
Hi ,The hospital and the treatment were excellent. I would like to thank you very much for all the high level services that you have given me, to your company, especially your adviser, Amira
February 2018
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Memorial Hospitals Group - Orthopedic Surgery Center Verified

In the Orthopedics Department, modern diagnosis techniques and state-of-the-art treatment choices are provided for the whole muscular and skeletal system, and for spinal diseases and traumas.

June 2012
After consultation with Amy Saracoglu the International Patient Coordinator for VISITANDCARE I made the decision to travel to the Hizmet Memorial Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey for my bi-lateral knee replacement. I arrived at Istanbul Airport 6 hours later than expected due to airline delays and having contacted the hospital earlier, the driver was waiting for me. I was taken to the account desk and after depositing my payment shown to my room. Monitoring started immediately with the surgeon, doctors and nurses. Monday morning I was taken down for my bi-lateral Knee operation then awoke Monday evening in the ICU. The nurses could not have been more helpful. I was returned to my room Tuesday and kept under constant pain management and supervision. During the next 4 days until my discharge on Saturday I was given every care and concern possible by all involved, nothing was left to chance. After being given X-rays, medical reports etc. I checked into my hotel. My trusted hospital driver, who looked after me like a personal valet for my full 12 days in Turkey collected me for return supervisory visits. After 3 weeks since the operation, now back at home, I am capable of walking short distances unaided. I recommend the Memorial Hizmet and all the personnel for the treatment I received highly enough and believe with the advise given to me by (Visit and Care), the Hospital selection , although I am unable to compare with others, was the correct choice and would suggest that any persons requiring any of their available treatments should seriously consider them as an option. Vincent D. Marshall ( A very satisfied patient )
February 2012
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Hip Replacement in Turkey

Turkey is an excellent choice as a destination to have hip replacement surgery. The country’s health care standards have risen steadily with its aspirations to join the European Union, and the country is clearly ahead of many EU members in respect to various aspects of its medical services. Costs are well below similar service costs in the West, English is widely spoken among the educated team members, and many hospitals have international accreditation such as Joint Commission International, certified on an American-level standard of care.

Patients who have chosen to have hip replacement surgery and other orthopedic surgeries in Turkey often observe that they receive warmer and more personal attention than they have at hospitals in the UK and USA. Total hip replacement may be a suitable option for patients with severe hip damage and chronic hip pain. Hip replacements in Turkey and elsewhere tend to have a high rate of success in terms of restoring pain free living. Individuals with prosthetic hips can walk without a cane, play non-impact sports and function normally.

Patients should be prepared to stay 7-10 days in the vicinity of the hospital when undergoing a hip operation. Treatment will begin with a pre-op exam to confirm the necessity of the operation, which may take place as early as the next day.

During the operation, an incision is made on the outer aspect of the hip, 4-6 inches down the length of the leg. The top end of the thigh bone is removed and a ball on a stem is placed into it. The hip socket is hollowed out to make a shallow cup and an artificial socket is placed into it. The prosthetic is typically made from cobalt chrome and titanium.

After the operation, physiotherapy is required. The stitches from the incision can be removed 2 weeks after the operation. The tissues around the hip will take about 2-3 months to heal, during which time you should be careful not to exert too much stress on it, especially when getting up off the floor or out of low chair.

Those coming to Turkey for a hip replacement can expect to find a very modern and advanced health care and tourism infrastructure. Although the required rest and relaxation after the procedure tends to prohibit tourist activities that require mobility, patients can still enjoy world-renowned Turkish cuisine, and do some memorable sightseeing by car. Historical sites such as the Bosporus straight, the ancient city walls and the seemingly unending number of beautifully constructed Mosques can be comfortably appreciated with the help of a experienced driver.

To arrange a hip operation in Turkey, please choose a hospital or clinic from the list on the right side of this screen and contact us. Our representative will get back to you shortly.

Sights to See in Turkey

Turkey is bordered by Bulgaria, the Black Sea, and Georgia to the north. Turkey is a land of gigantic sweeping spaces, immense mountain ranges, and beautiful rugged coastline, infinitely growing cities and bustling seaside resorts and isolated beaches.

The Mediterranean coastline is dotted with youthful Greco-Roman cities such as Pergamom and Ephesus.

Formerly Angora, eminent for mohair, Ankara is the bustilingcapital of the Turkish Republic. Near its prodigious Roman fortress is the acclaimed Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, filled with treasures.

The lively city, Antalya, has a picturesque, historic district at its center, and many gorgeous monuments from Roman times to explore.

Istanbul, the vibrant pulse of the nation, has colossal Roman aqueducts, Byzantine churches and Ottoman mosques and stunning palaces to visit.

Turkey's modern Aegean port, Izmir, is a propelling city with a waterfront promenade and a charming bazaar.

Discover Bodrum, the site of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Mausoleum of Mausolus, and Turkey’s premier Aegean resort. The city is defined by its leading shopping, dining and nightlife experiences.

Seek out the superb sites of Turkey today!

Cost of Hip Replacement in Turkey

Turkey is the most lucrative location for hip replacement surgery that offers up to 80% savings in comparison to the US.

Hip replacement in Turkey offers the best prices with unmatched quality and experience.

It will be challenging to discover any other medical treatment for hip replacement surgery as cost-effective elsewhere in the world. Hip Replacement Surgery in Turkey at low-cost and world-class quality is now within reach.