Orthopedic Surgery in Cancun

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MOV Cancun Orthopedic Center in Mexico provides connections between our orthopedic patients from their home country to their treatment destination. Our team handles the logistics to give patients peace of mind. How does our travel facilitators do this? We take care of airport pickup and dropoff, communication with both the clinic and orthopedic professionals that will provide your personalized care, the hotel and recovery center accommodations, transportation to and from medical appointments, pre-travel requirements, communication with your family (if requested) and follow-up care upon arrival home to ensure that you had a positive experience.

Orthopedic Surgery Mexico

Knee surgeries, hip resurfacing and replacement, shoulder cuff surgery and other orthopedic treatments are available in Mexico, done by highly accredited doctors in fully equipped hospitals and clinics at a fraction of the cost of the same treatments in the US.

As you add up the cost of travel and accommodation, American orthopedic patients can save 50% or more by taking a medical vacation south of the border. In many cases, the surgeons have training and experience in the US.

If you are in need of routine orthopedic surgery that you are partially or fully responsible for financially, consider these key points: Medical tourists in Mexico regularly report that their medical experience in Mexico was just as good as in the US; Many report a less rushed, more personalized care, rather than the conveyor-belt treatment often experienced at US hospitals.

Even those with partial insurance coverage can benefit by getting their orthopedic surgery in Mexico, since many American insurance companies will process claims for procedures done at Mexican hospitals. A patient required to pay even a small percentage of an operation that is tens of thousands of dollars in the US, can find the coverage applies equally to getting the surgery done south of the border.

The amount the patient is responsible for paying turns out to be much less because of the lower overall cost of the surgery.

Orthopedic Surgery Treatments in Mexico

As a result of ever-increasing patient waiting lists and skyrocketing orthopedic costs, the trend of seeking restorative medical care in alternative destinations has been on the rise in Mexico.

Hip Replacement in Mexico:
While many hip conditions can be treated through conventional methods, surgery is typical needed because of the excessive weight placed on the joint while walking, standing and performing other regular activities. Hip Replacement in Mexico is highly rated for its innovative medical care.

Knee Replacement in Mexico:
As an active, weight-bearing joint, the knee is a foundation of pain and issues for many individuals, young and old. Knee Replacement in Mexico is uniquely performed and provides immediate pain relief for a speedy return to regular activities.

Hip Resurfacing in Mexico:
Surgeons in Mexico are on the leading-edge of the most substantial improvements in orthopedic surgery, hip resurfacing is provided with a tailored approach and expertise.

Sights to See in Mexico

Mexico's grand features range from swamp to desert, and jungle to high alpine vegetation. Mexico is a country jam-packed with a satisfying existence. The country is vivacious and everlastingly driven by an amazing culture.

Tepoztlan is a stress-free spot to view beautiful jagged cliffs and a pyramid dedicated to Tepoztecatl, the God of the Harvest. The magnificent Convent of the Nativity is also a site to see, name a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Monte Alban, a sanctified primeval city and focus of the Zapotec culture, is a magical site you don’t want to miss. Enjoy the outstanding Central Plaza and the many historical tombs.

Discover the ceremonial city of Chichen-Itza, built over 1,000 years ago, and breathe in the mystic air.

Make your way to the Baja Peninsula, and invest time into Cabos San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Land on the Caribbean side, to see the gorgeous island of Cozumel, filled with beaches in every direction.

Corn, beans and potatoes are focal point of Mexican cuisine, Make International cuisine a night to remember at one of many hotels or flavorsome restaurants.

Excited for the nightlife of Mexico? Mexico City attracts concerts lovers, Latin music stars, and unique ballet performances.

Ambiance Villas Cancun is the perfect getaway within walking distance from shopping, dining and the stunning nightlife. Sports enthusiasts are granted access to nearby golf courses the complete ambiance of a luxury resort.