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ROMOY Healthcare - Orthopedic Unit Verified

The entire orthopedic team at ROMOY includes proficient nurses, skilled physician assistants, caring nurse practitioners, expert surgical technicians, and an orthopedic outpatient staff that is dedicated to providing an empathetic and gentle experience for all our orthopedic patients.

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The services that i recived from ROMOY was very good and especially that realated to transport during the treatment.
February 2018
Hi ,The hospital and the treatment were excellent. I would like to thank you very much for all the high level services that you have given me, to your company, especially your adviser, Amira
February 2018
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Memorial Hospitals Group - Orthopedic Surgery Center Verified

In the Orthopedics Department, modern diagnosis techniques and state-of-the-art treatment choices are provided for the whole muscular and skeletal system, and for spinal diseases and traumas.

June 2012
After consultation with Amy Saracoglu the International Patient Coordinator for VISITANDCARE I made the decision to travel to the Hizmet Memorial Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey for my bi-lateral knee replacement. I arrived at Istanbul Airport 6 hours later than expected due to airline delays and having contacted the hospital earlier, the driver was waiting for me. I was taken to the account desk and after depositing my payment shown to my room. Monitoring started immediately with the surgeon, doctors and nurses. Monday morning I was taken down for my bi-lateral Knee operation then awoke Monday evening in the ICU. The nurses could not have been more helpful. I was returned to my room Tuesday and kept under constant pain management and supervision. During the next 4 days until my discharge on Saturday I was given every care and concern possible by all involved, nothing was left to chance. After being given X-rays, medical reports etc. I checked into my hotel. My trusted hospital driver, who looked after me like a personal valet for my full 12 days in Turkey collected me for return supervisory visits. After 3 weeks since the operation, now back at home, I am capable of walking short distances unaided. I recommend the Memorial Hizmet and all the personnel for the treatment I received highly enough and believe with the advise given to me by (Visit and Care), the Hospital selection , although I am unable to compare with others, was the correct choice and would suggest that any persons requiring any of their available treatments should seriously consider them as an option. Vincent D. Marshall ( A very satisfied patient )
February 2012
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Orthopedic Surgery Turkey

Turkey has been a popular holiday destination for many years and is now attracting more and more individuals looking for orthopedic treatment abroad.

With state-of-the-art facilities located in the heart of Istanbul, choosing orthopedic surgery in Turkey offers you the highest standards of medical care from highly-skilled orthopedic surgeons for a fraction of cost than surrounding countries.

Orthopedic surgeons in Turkey use the latest diagnostics and surgical procedures for a range of orthopedic treatments including hip surgery, knee surgery and shoulder surgery.

The medical staff in every accredited orthopedic surgery clinic in Turkey speaks fluent in English and many have trained and worked in Europe or the US.

Direct flight times from the UK are less than 4 hours and the renowned Turkish welcome and generosity makes it a great destination to relax and recuperate.

Combining world-class orthopedic treatment abroad with the chance to visit the vibrant and historic city of Istanbul makes Turkey a great choice.

Orthopedic Surgery Treatments in Turkey

There are immeasurable orthopedic disorders that can affect us and ultimately lead to surgery. No one wants to live in distress and pain, orthopedic surgery has become a prevalent surgical key in today's medicine.

The field of orthopedic surgery includes numerous types of treatments and surgical procedures.

Knees, hips, wrists, ankles, and shoulders can wear down due to countless conditions, chiefly channeled by arthritis. The resolution can be partial or total joint replacement, with the most common procedures being knee replacement and hip replacement surgeries.

Spinal Fusion in Turkey:
Turkey boasts an exemplary international standard of health care and medical practice. Spinal fusion in Turkey is a type of back surgery in which a bone graft is added in front or along the back of the spine to ensure each segment of the spine and the graft fuse together.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery in Turkey:
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome describes a condition in which one will experience a tingling feeling, numbness or pain in the hand. This is caused by pressure on the median nerve that lies in the wrist and travels through the carpal tunnel.

Turkey hosts the best orthopedic surgeons available and will be happy to assist and guide you in the decision process for carpal tunnel surgery abroad.

Sights to See in Turkey

Turkey borders the Black Sea and Georgia and Armenia to the northeast, Iran to the east, and Iraq to the southeast.

Turkey is a generous cultivated space filled with gigantic mountains, abundant gorges and amazing coastline. The country has manifested modern cities and gorgeous resorts to unwind.

Sightsee in Istanbul by ferry, traversing the Bosphorus to endure friendly villages.

Gain knowledge at the wonderful Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and the Ethnographic Museum in Ankara. The Turkish capital is home to well-famed museums.

Journey along the Lycian Way, snuggled between Fethiye and Antalya, and engage in some of Turkey’s most spectacular settings.

From Istanbul to the Princes’ Islands, a tranquil getaway is encompassed by horse-drawn carriages and bicycles to enjoy the fresh air and scenery.

Turkish food combines culinary traditions with influences of the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Set your sights on the best Pide, the Turkish rendition of pizza topped with cheese and eggs.

Turkey's ultimate prosperity and cultural shift is linked to the hottest nightclubs. Istanbul has the largest assortment to entertain you until the early am hours.

Stay at the Ada Hotel in downtown Sultanahmet, just seconds from amazing historical locations such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Place. Ada Hotel invites you with a magical presence.