Breast Lift in Turkey

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Dr Ozge Ergun Verified

As the top Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon in Turkey, Dr. Ergün is at your service in his own practice located in downtown Istanbul. A skilled expert in aesthetic surgeries and FUE hair transplant surgeries, Dr. Ergün has served patients from 57 different countries.

ااستقبلوني من المطار و كانت معامله و الخدمه اكثر من ممتازه والمستشفى و العياده و العلاج كان اكثر من ممتاز. دكتور اوزقي اعزج عن وصفي له اكثر من ممتاز و فاهم واذا ابي اسوي اي عمليه ثانيه ماراح افكر الى عندهم
January 2018
good services
October 2017
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Izmir Aesthetic Cosmetics - Dr. Erdal Tugsel Verified

Izmir Aesthetic Cosmetics is a world-renowned Center with accreditation from the Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Led by Dr. Erdal Tuğsel, the Center performs aesthetic operations and non-invasive procedures.

Mediface Health Group Verified

Mediface Health Group consists of the Mediface Surgical Medical Center and the Mediface Beauty Salon. What services do we provide within our five-star health network? Mediface offers ENT, Plastic surgery, Medical Aesthetic, Hair Transplantation, Laser treatment, and Oral Health & Dentistry.

It’s very fantastic! All People at Mediface clinic are pleasant and professional. Kindness and respect are Wonderfull! Meltem is a very special person now she is like a member of my family! Thank you for all things!!
April 2015
I’m more than pleased with the results, and the service plus the professional staff. I’ve had the best Doctors and Nurses to make me feel home and secure at all times. I’m thanking you all from the bottom of my heart
February 2015
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Breast Lift in Turkey

As women get mature, their breasts undergo many changes due to various reasons including pregnancy, weight fluctuations, breast-feeding, or recovering from an illness. Lifestyle changes can cause skin elasticity and breasts to sag or droop.

Breast lift is a body contouring surgery that intends to correct drooping breast shape and to create an elevated, more youthful breast contour. The procedure is carried out by repositioning the areola higher and removing excess skin resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing breast contour.

Traveling abroad for plastic surgery is an exploding phenomenon that is no longer reserved to the rich and famous. The expensive cost of cosmetic surgery and flawed health care system in many parts of the world contribute to this growing trend.

Additionally, numerous medical tourist destinations have evolved to offer reduced treatment costs without compromising on quality and level of medical care, making traveling for health care a practical and cost-effective solution not only geared to the well-heeled and famous celebrities but also to the average, modern day medical tourist.

Case in point: plastic surgery Turkey! During the last decade, Turkey made significant improvements in the medical department and progressed to be one of Europe’s most leading and efficient heath care systems.

Plastic surgeons in Turkey are committed to delivering safe and sound practice as well as the finest in aesthetic and restorative treatments, so you can feel you are in safe hands.

Enhancing your body-image is a rewarding and highly personal experience; that’s why Turkey’s plastic surgeons provide cosmetic services that have been designed with individual caring and personal approach to make your experience as compostable and pleasant as possible.

Breast lift in Turkey promises a life-transforming experience that will not only give the body figure you have always wanted, but will also dramatically improve your self esteem and social life.

Sights to See in Turkey

Leave the crowds and Istanbul’s bustle behind and escape to lakeside serenity that is Abant. Lake Abant a verdant paradise located in Bolu city, hosting various kinds of plants and pine trees allows for a refreshing picnic in spring or lake swimming in summer.

Abant is only 2-3 hours away from Istanbul, surrounded by dense pine forests and overlooking scenic views of the lake.

Cost of Breast Lift in Turkey

The cost of breast lift in Turkey is remarkably affordable body contouring treatment compared to countries in the Western hemisphere where plastic surgery procedures are usually excluded from major medical insurance companies. Turkey’s well-established health care is subsidized to local patients and international medical tourists, enabling them to save up to 70 per cent on their treatment.