Plastic Surgery in Turkey

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Dr Ozge Ergun Verified

As the top Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon in Turkey, Dr. Ergün is at your service in his own practice located in downtown Istanbul. A skilled expert in aesthetic surgeries and FUE hair transplant surgeries, Dr. Ergün has served patients from 57 different countries.

ااستقبلوني من المطار و كانت معامله و الخدمه اكثر من ممتازه والمستشفى و العياده و العلاج كان اكثر من ممتاز. دكتور اوزقي اعزج عن وصفي له اكثر من ممتاز و فاهم واذا ابي اسوي اي عمليه ثانيه ماراح افكر الى عندهم
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NewAge Clinic Verified

New Age is a boutique-style plastic surgery clinic located in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey’s cosmopolitan metropolis. The clinic offers a haven for patients looking to undergo a high quality plastic surgery treatment in Istanbul.

Izmir Aesthetic Cosmetics - Dr. Erdal Tugsel Verified

Izmir Aesthetic Cosmetics is a world-renowned Center with accreditation from the Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Led by Dr. Erdal Tuğsel, the Center performs aesthetic operations and non-invasive procedures.

Dr. Gurhan Ulusoy Verified

For those considering plastic surgery treatment, the most important factor in its success is the surgeon you choose. The plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Gurhan Ulusoy is the leading aesthetic center in Ankara, with years of experience to meet the cosmetic needs of both men and women.

Memorial Hospitals Group - Plastic Surgery Center Verified

Memorial Healthcare Group, shaping Turkish healthcare industry, a reference center in the international arena with its scientific and medical achievements, is now in the Capital City. The world-class cosmetic surgery provided at Memorial provides the complete experience by combining excellent surgical results with personalized care.

Plastic Surgery in Turkey

Turkey is now one of the most popular destinations for patients traveling abroad for cosmetic plastic surgery.

Patients traveling from the US choose Turkey due to the low cost treatment offerings; often 50-70% less than the cost at home.

For patients from the UK and Canada, immediate treatment is an important key factor; that is why many patients from the UK, US, and Canada choose Turkey for their plastic surgery to avoid the lengthy waiting lists of important procedures in their home country.

In addition the convenience and cost of cosmetic surgery, Turkey healthcare has seen some remarkable reforms carried out by the government, gearing up for its European Union membership.

Rest assured that medical and healthcare institutions in Turkey are in keeping with European medical care standards. Plastic surgeons in Turkey are proficient practitioners who have been exposed to extensive training and experience in the US and Europe.

Therefore, most clinics in Turkey are internationally qualified, offering English-speaking surgeons and specialists who utilize the latest advancements in medical equipment and techniques.

Most hospitals in Turkey also have medical systems based on US models. Cosmetic clinics and healthcare establishments in Turkey boast a wide spectrum of plastic surgery treatments that cater to all your appearance needs.

Turkey also offers patients the opportunity to travel and explore its sunny climate, amongst beautiful surroundings. The cosmetic surgery hospitals in Turkey are modern, hygienic, and offer friendly service.

Among the popular surgery treatments in Turkey are breast implants, buttock implants, breast lift, tummy tuck and facelift.

Plastic Surgery Treatments in Turkey

Breast implants in Turkey:
Breast implants in Turkey are a plastic surgery treatment offered by board certified practitioners for women who have lost breast volume, due to weight loss, pregnancy and wish to restore their breasts to their preferred size.

Tummy tuck in Turkey:
Highly requested for its effectiveness and excellent results, tummy tuck in Turkey is body surgical procedure used to tighten loose skin and overly-stretched abdominal muscles, resulting into a smoother and flatter appearance.

Liposuction in Turkey:
While it may be carried out with several body procedures, liposuction in Turkey can be performed on its own to target specific areas of the body where pockets of fat and excess skin are deposited.

Nose surgery in Turkey:
Nose surgery in Turkey one of the highly-requested face surgery procedures designed to reconstruct and reshape the structure of the nose. Nose surgery, better known as a nose job, can enhance the appearance and proportions of the nose to the whole face.

Facelift in Turkey:
Facelift in Turkey aims to improve the cheek fold and jowl and to rejuvenate the appearance of the face. Age spots, acne scars, age spots and smoker’s creases will disappear after you undergo facelift surgery.


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