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The top plastic surgeon in Santo Domingo, Dr. Tania Medina, has been inclined toward the pursuit of beauty, skin care and the improvement and enhancement of the female form since she began participating in various beauty pageants.

I must say that overall, it was a great experience. Loving the results, and I am not even fully recovered yet. Can not WAIT for a full recovery. To ease some future concerns. I traveled by myself. As the Dr. says be comfortable knowing that you are in good hands. She has her team ready to care for you from the moment you step a foot into the country. I would without a doubt recommend her.
November 2017
Me ingresaron la noche anterior para hacer más cómodo el proceso ya que la cirugía era a primera hora. El trato de las enfermeras fue excelente las instalaciones acogedoras. La Dra. Medina es sumamente profesional antes durante y después del proceso su profesionalidad y aptitudes han sido totalmente más de lo que esperaba de un cirujano. Al elegirla. Hice la mejor elección al poner mi salud en excelentes manos. Los resultados han sido lo que quería con lo cual me siento muy satisfecha de haberme operado con mi cirujana estrella Tania Medina
January 2015
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Breast Reduction in Dominican Republic

Breast reduction is a breast-reconstructive treatment procedure that intends to reshape the entire breast to a more appealing and flattering size. The cost of breast reduction surgery can be much of a burden as the large size breasts!

Being one of the most intricate plastic surgeries in the US, its related cost can be unreasonably expensive to many; not to mention that cosmetic treatments are categorized as elective procedures that are not covered by many medical insurance companies.

For this reason, scores of medical tourists take to plastic surgery Dominican Republic clinics each year, seeking permanent and safe procedure to relieve physical maladies brought on by excessive large size breast.

Excessive breast volume can cause a variety of physical problems, including neck and back pain, skin rashes and irritation, bra indentations, breathing problems, skeletal deformities and issues with posture.

Large size breasts can also restrict mobility and interfere with daily activities, resulting in extreme discomfort. Ideal candidates for breast reduction Dominican Republic are women who have realistic expectations of the surgery and individuals mature enough to be fully aware of the procedure, its risks and limitations.

You can return to your normal routine about two weeks after surgery. Recovery is gradual and final results of breast reduction are noticeable after six months to a year.

Large size breasts can cause self-esteem issues, making women feel constantly self-conscious about their breast appearance.

Breast reduction is an ideal means of improving aesthetic appearance of the breasts while providing immediate relief to associated physical problems pertaining to large breasts.

Aesthetic changes achieved through breast reduction procedure can make breasts lighter, firmer and smaller in size. There are several prominent treatment methods used for breast reduction.

One of the most commonly-used incisions in breast reduction is vertical or short-scar technique. This incision is made around the areola, extending downward in a lollipop shaped scar.

Plastic surgeons in Dominican Republic can remove excess fat, skin and breast tissue while moving the nipple and areola up into a higher position. The skin will then be re-draped over the breast tissue, allowing improved breast shape and contour.

Liposuction Dominica Republic can be paired with breast reduction to effectively remove breast tissue from isolated areas, such as armpits or lateral breasts.

In order to produces lease amount of scarring and most natural results, cosmetic surgeons in Dominican Republic use sutures that are dissolvable, so there are no stitches to remove afterwards.

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It was opened in 1990, showcasing 3,000 live specimens of 250 species of marine life. The staff working at the aquarium is devoted to the study and protection of marine life, offering guided tours and lectures to school children and adults.

Cost of Breast Reduction in Dominican Republic

 The cost of breast reduction comes down to a variety of factors. The patient’s appearance goals, the type of anesthetic used, surgeon’s fee and facility changes are all common factors that affect the overall cost of breast reduction in the Dominican Republic.

The lower-cost of living, cheaper overhead and admin cost make Dominican Republic a cost-effective option for cosmetic surgery.