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The top plastic surgeon in Santo Domingo, Dr. Tania Medina, has been inclined toward the pursuit of beauty, skin care and the improvement and enhancement of the female form since she began participating in various beauty pageants.

I must say that overall, it was a great experience. Loving the results, and I am not even fully recovered yet. Can not WAIT for a full recovery. To ease some future concerns. I traveled by myself. As the Dr. says be comfortable knowing that you are in good hands. She has her team ready to care for you from the moment you step a foot into the country. I would without a doubt recommend her.
November 2017
Me ingresaron la noche anterior para hacer más cómodo el proceso ya que la cirugía era a primera hora. El trato de las enfermeras fue excelente las instalaciones acogedoras. La Dra. Medina es sumamente profesional antes durante y después del proceso su profesionalidad y aptitudes han sido totalmente más de lo que esperaba de un cirujano. Al elegirla. Hice la mejor elección al poner mi salud en excelentes manos. Los resultados han sido lo que quería con lo cual me siento muy satisfecha de haberme operado con mi cirujana estrella Tania Medina
January 2015
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Plastic Surgery in Dominican Republic

The rise of healthcare and plastic surgery in the US is the cause of many Americans having to travel to different destinations for cosmetic treatment, seeking an affordable alternative to the skyrocketing medical care cost.

Plastic surgery-- notoriously known to be more expensive procedure than most medical treatments in the US--is offered for much less in the Dominican Republic.

Plastic Surgery in Dominican Republic offers high quality cosmetic surgery and savings up to 70%.

Patients, specifically Americans and Europeans travel to Dominican Republic for the same quality of care, world-class medical facilities and lower cost of cosmetic treatments.

Plastic surgery clinics in Dominican Republic are well appointed with state-of-the-art, high end medical equipments to ensure quality treatment and achieve each patient’s appearance goals.

Plastic surgeons in the Dominican Republic are mostly educated in the top universities in the United States and are English-speaking, aiming to serve a large number of international patients.

The Dominican Republic boasts a broad variety of plastic surgery treatments; from a liposuction surgery to a less-invasive non-surgical treatment like Botox.

An added benefit to plastic surgery in Dominican Republic is the clinics travel package offerings; all inclusive packages which usually include air travel, accommodation, medication and transportation.

In addition to receiving cosmetic surgery from top plastic surgeons in Dominican Republic, you can recuperate along the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Plastic Surgery Treatments in Dominican Republic

Breast implants in the Dominican Republic:
Breast implants in the Dominican Republic can correct size discrepancy of your breasts, restore their symmetry and give you natural-looking, equally-sized breasts.

Tummy Tuck in the Dominican Republic:
Tummy tuck in the Dominican Republic is an ideal option for US patients underwent a major weight-loss surgery, which resulted in excess fat deposits and sagging skin around their abdomen area. Tummy tuck can remove the unwanted fat and drooping skin from the abdomen, while giving it a firmer and smoother appearance.

Facelift in the Dominican Republic:
Facelift in the Dominican Republic is a cosmetic facial surgery procedure designed to achieve rejuvenation that can recapture the freshness of a youthful face.

Nose Surgery in the Dominican Republic:
Nose surgery in the Dominican Republic can improve aesthetic and functional issues with the nose. Patients experiencing drooping nasal tip, or suffered an accident or injury at some point in their life which may have changed the shape of your nose are good candidates of nose surgery in the Dominican Republic.

Liposuction in the Dominican Republic:
Liposuction in the Dominican Republic targets specific areas of the body where excess fat and dropping skin are deposited. Liposuction can carried out in conjunction with other body procedures, such as tummy tuck.

Sights to See in Dominican Republic

Visit Alcazar de Colon is one of the most magnificent sights in the Dominican Republic which was the palace of the city’s first governor, Diego Colon. Alcazar de Colon houses amazing works of art from the colonial- era.