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The top plastic surgeon in Santo Domingo, Dr. Tania Medina, has been inclined toward the pursuit of beauty, skin care and the improvement and enhancement of the female form since she began participating in various beauty pageants.

I must say that overall, it was a great experience. Loving the results, and I am not even fully recovered yet. Can not WAIT for a full recovery. To ease some future concerns. I traveled by myself. As the Dr. says be comfortable knowing that you are in good hands. She has her team ready to care for you from the moment you step a foot into the country. I would without a doubt recommend her.
November 2017
Me ingresaron la noche anterior para hacer más cómodo el proceso ya que la cirugía era a primera hora. El trato de las enfermeras fue excelente las instalaciones acogedoras. La Dra. Medina es sumamente profesional antes durante y después del proceso su profesionalidad y aptitudes han sido totalmente más de lo que esperaba de un cirujano. Al elegirla. Hice la mejor elección al poner mi salud en excelentes manos. Los resultados han sido lo que quería con lo cual me siento muy satisfecha de haberme operado con mi cirujana estrella Tania Medina
January 2015
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Plastic Surgery in Santo Domingo

Plastic surgery in Santo Domingo has been on the rise over the last decade. The fact that many cosmetic surgery procedures are performed at a low cost when compared to other countries is of course an important factor.

Medical tourism has become a vast calling for the smaller economy of the Dominican Republic where liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift and other cosmetic surgeries are less expensive. Plastic surgery in Santo Domingo is remarkably solid for its world-class care. Surgeons in the Dominican Republic are seeing an increase in patients arriving for Lap-Band and gastric bypass surgery.

The enormous qualifications and experiences of the surgeons are further reasons why more patients decide to proceed with the plastic surgery in Santo Domingo every year.

Whether you Santo Domingo home or are traveling abroad for plastic surgery offers multi-lingual services and high-quality treatments. Patients also have the option of combining their surgery with a vacation to enjoy the rich culture and captivating history of Santo Domingo.

Plastic Surgery Treatments in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo offers a wide variety of treatments for both men and women. Whether you're considering cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance or reconstructive surgery to correct defects or improve function, plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic is the perfect fit for you.

Facelift in Santo Domingo is one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgery treatments in the Dominican Republic. Facelift can help you shed years of stress off your face by reducing the sagging of your mid-face, jowls and neck.

Have you undergone a weight-loss surgery recently? Are you left with saggy fat and excessive skin on your abdominal area? If the answer is yes to these questions, then tummy tuck in Santo Domingo is right plastic surgery treatment for you.

Whether you are looking to correct the shape of your nose or treat impaired breathing, nose surgery in Santo Domingo will have a dramatic effect on your facial appearance and nasal form and function.

Liposuction in Santo Domingo or lipoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure that intends to reshape specific areas of the body by removing fat deposits from beneath the skin using an instrument called cannula, with the assistance of vacuum.

Best known as breast augmentation; breast implants in Santo Domingo is procedure designed to correct the size and form of a woman’s breasts.Plastic surgeons in the Dominican Republic recommend breast implants in Santa Domingo to women who have lost breast volume due to pregnancy, breast feeding or weight loss.

Sights to See in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the ancient capital city of the Dominican Republic. Stroll down old cobble stone streets and imagine yourself surviving in the Spanish colonial era of the 1600’s. The experience is quite humbling.

Santo Domingo is a Latin heartbeat mixed with and a spectacular landscapes and pulsating beaches. Boasting a gorgeous historic backdrop that dates back to the 15th century, Santo Domingo is filled with rich Spanish charisma.

The city offers an immense variety of restaurants and night life. Captivate your mind with visits to La Caleta Beach, National Botanical Gardens, and the National Aquarium. The aquarium gives way to a Plexiglas tunnel letting you feel like you are right inside the action.

Visit Diego's palace, Alcázar de Colón, as it charms tourists with its Colonial style art and enriching artifacts or the Museo Bellapart, a museum presenting one of the best assemblages of Dominican contemporary artwork.

Turn your dreams into reality at the soaring tower of the Hilton Santo Domingo, directly on the waterfront or get lost in the tranquility of the V Centenario InterContinental Hotel Santo Domingo. The hotel will spice up your life and afford you the best conveniences and hospitality of anywhere in Santo Domingo.