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Vita Hospital was established in 1991 and was registered as the first private health institution in Sofia on April 1,1992. Since then, more than 300 000 people have obtained our medical assistance. The hospital provides medical services of uncompromising quality, and personal attention to each patient in order to understand their individual problems and concerns.

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Dr Dinev is a very professional surgeon, I have the highest regard for his care. On my initial consolation he was very concerned about an irregular mole and advised he would remove and have tested, In addition to this during surgery he also lasered several other suspect blemishes. With regard to my surgery I was advised what to expect and I felt at ease. I am now a month post surgery. The breast that was larger still is as is the smaller one, a little smaller, however I have been advised that I should wait three months before full result is realized. I stayed at Europa Hospital, the staff were all very pleasant and did their best to make me comfortable however very little English was spoken.
July 2017
I was very impressed with my experience at Vita hospital. The staff were all very friendly and efficient. Dr Dinev explained everything in detail during my consultation and after surgery. The nurses cared for me very well. I had my surgery in the afternoon stayed over night and left the next morning would highly recommend for service and price.
June 2017
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Brow Lift in Bulgaria

Patients seeking brow lift surgery no longer have to worry about exaggerated costs, limited or no health insurance coverage, and long waiting lines. The improved condition of medical care in developed countries has paved the way for medical tourism abroad.

The brow lift Bulgaria is designed to raise the eyebrows to a more aesthetically pleasing position on the face, creating a more youthful appearance for saggy or droopy brows that have a naturally sad or tired appearance. The brow lift’s rejuvenating effects also correct the lateral lines on the forehead and deep creases between the eyebrows that develop with age.

The first step of the brow lift procedure perfromed in plastic surgery Bulgaria clinic is a detailed consultation with your surgeon, who will explain and discuss with you what procedure will most suit your situation and your appearance. Currently, there are two different procedures to choose from. The traditional forehead or brow lift entails a procedure that places incisions either at the hairline, behind the hairline, and in some cases above the brow line or in the mid-forehead, a technique that usually works for men who already have an exaggerated crease in the middle of the forehead. The newest approach, the endoscopic brow lift, uses a microscopic camera, which is inserted about half an inch to an inch behind the hairline, providing the surgeon with a defined view on a large screen of the muscles and tissues beneath the skin. Another pencil-like instrument is then inserted to gently lift the skin and move the muscles if necessary.

Good Candidates are anyone between the ages of 35-70. If your job requires strenuous activity, your doctor will request that you rest until you have completely recovered. Otherwise, you should be able to return to work within 3-4 days. Side effects and risks may include elevated hairline, undesirable scarring, changes in skin sensation or dryness and itchiness, infection, facial nerve injury, or an allergic reaction to the anesthesia.

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Bulgaria's mighty mountains and beautiful golden draw the eager eye of tourists from all over the globe. Bulgaria is filled with gorgeous landscapes.

Breathe in the scent of roses during a stop at Rose Valley. Rose Valley has been magically transformed with breathtaking blooms for tourists to enjoy.

Discover the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Turkish architectural styles of the capital, Sofia, swaggering with museums, churches, art galleries and opera houses.

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Cost of Brow Lift in Bulgaria

Plastic surgery clinics in Bulgaria utilize the newest medical technology and are run by some of the most skilled and qualified medical professionals. An increasing number of international patients are traveling abroad for brow lift surgery in Bulgaria to receive the best treatment at affordable prices.

Highly qualified plastic surgeons in Bulgaria, many of whom studied and trained abroad, hold clinical positions at state-of-the-art medical facilities that cater to providing affordable brow lift procedures to medical tourists.