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The leading plastic surgery clinic in Panama, Plastic Surgery Institute of Panama, aims to provide sophisticated technology and solutions to patients and are committed to providing all the options and medical information available. We pride ourselves in delivering the very best quality of surgical and medical care in modern plastic surgery Panama facilities with the highest standard of service.

Before I chose Dr. Luis A. Picard-Ami, Jr. in Panama City, Panama, I researched multiple aesthetic surgeons and simply could not find a surgeon as accomplished. My husband and I have had an outstanding experience and we highly recommend him; his skillfulness and expertise are irrefutable. For months, I communicated with him by email and he used his valuable time to thoroughly, thoughtfully and punctually answer every question. We followed up with simple pictures taken on our phones and he offered his recommendations, our options, detailed cost estimates, basic procedural guidance and aftercare information. He never sold us on additional procedures or products. Additionally, what endeared me to Dr. Picard-Ami was that he helped me to focus on how important realistic result expectations are. He has incredible attention to detail. My husband and I are now in our fifth week of healing and the results so far are completely natural and genuine even though our procedures were quite different. I am thrilled! Also, please know that the costs ended up exactly as quoted and were 30% lower than our U. S. quotes. Dr. Picard-Ami’s manner is warm, compassionate and gentle. His nurse and administrative assistant are also competent, caring and welcoming; they coordinate everything concerning surgical care and follow-up. I want to also share that he is the only surgeon we spoke with who recommended physical therapy following the surgery and we believe the ultrasound sessions facilitated our healing. His office is conveniently located in the Punta Pacifica Hospital as is the aftercare. Next week, we are to follow up with him by email with photos of our progress, and we are seeing steady improvement each day. We’ve had no complications to speak of and no regrets to date. I know we chose the best surgeon with the most caring staff and we simply loved visiting Panama. Please know that you can trust Dr. Picard-Ami; he exceeded our expectations and I know he will surpass yours too. RDS
March 2019
"As a couple, my husband and I decided to have facial enhancement surgery. Several years ago, I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Picard-Ami, trusting him with this made sense. Our challenges leaving the USA for this major event made us anxious because we speak limited Spanish and have hearing impairment issues. Dr. Picard-Ami and his associates clearly understood these issues and took great care to walk us through each part of the process. We followed all recommended after care treatments and instructions and are currently moving though the healing process nicely and are thrilled with the results. Dr. Picard-Ami is truly an accomplished surgeon and outstanding man. We, absolutely, selected the right surgeon for this life chaining event"
April 2018
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Brow Lift in Panama

By getting a brow lift in Panama, you are getting a treatment you desire at a fraction of the cost and letting yourself have a vacation at the same time. Many individuals travel overseas for cosmetic surgery procedures because they are so much more affordable. Central America in particular, has developed a reputation as a medical tourism hotspot and thousands of visitors are arriving each year to take advantage of this.

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift or browplasty, can help individuals between the ages of 35 and 70 look much younger. The plastic surgery Panama experts performing the forehead lift in Panama will explain the procedure to you and discuss the results that you hope to achieve. This treatment will lift a saggy, droopy brow and refresh your facial features. It will also reduce lines and wrinkles so you can look as young as you feel.

It takes about 7-10 days to recover from a brow lift in Panama so be sure you factor in this vacation time. You will have to rest for the first few days, but after the recovery period you can start getting out and about. There are plenty of things to see and do, something for everyone in fact, and Panama is most certainly a very diverse and colorful country— collective culture, delicious food, and such spectacular nature!

Really, why should you consider anywhere else?

Sights to See in Panama

Panama is an exciting arrangement of colorful and cultural blends. Its isthmus consists of the last part of a natural land-bridge gapping the North and South American continents.

Panama is solid in unique circumferences and is always boarding upon new adventures. Visit the gorgeous Panama Canal, which is set to magnify significantly by 2014.

While in Panama City, make stops at the Plaza de Francia, the Paseo de las Bovedas, and the San Jose Church, with its brilliant Baroque altar. Continue your adventures with a stop at the Museum of Colonial Religious Art.

Attend a fiesta in Panama’s golden cities—Panama City‘s Carnival is worth every second.

The Hilton Garden Inn is set in the heart of Panama s vibrant financial district. With a sophisticated setting this up beat complex provides 363 spacious and elegant rooms with contemporary amenities and VIP services.

Cost of Brow Lift in Panama

A brow lift in Panama enriches a youthful appearance and is a full facelift alternative to individuals requiring the most enhanced effects, but without the expensive cost.

Individuals traveling to Panama for a brow lift can save up to 60% of costs charged in the United States.

Most health insurance carriers in the US do not cover the cost of cosmetic surgery. Take advantage of the low costs in Panama today.