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The leading plastic surgery clinic in Panama, Plastic Surgery Institute of Panama, aims to provide sophisticated technology and solutions to patients and are committed to providing all the options and medical information available. We pride ourselves in delivering the very best quality of surgical and medical care in modern plastic surgery Panama facilities with the highest standard of service.

My breast implantation surgery was performed by Dr. Luis Picard-Ami Jr at the Panama Clinic. Process was fully explained in pre- surgery telephone consultations and in face to face consultation at the clinic. Dr. Luis Picard-Ami's expertise and experience as well as his approachable interpersonal skills, not only assisted me in choosing best option for me but also made me at ease throughout the whole process. His clinic is staffed with friendly and helpful personnel always ready to assist with anything you may need starting from beverage to booking hotel room and getting post op bra. Truly VIP experience
December 2020
I was very pleased with Dr. Picard-Ami and the cosmetic surgery he did on me five months ago. Dr. Picard-Ami was professional, very thorough from the first correspondence we had and extremely prompt in responding to any of my questions and concerns before and after surgery. My husband and I stayed at the Marriott which is located in the same complex as Dr. Picard-Ami’s office is. His staff took care of every detail from transporting me to the clinic where only plastic surgery is done (no worry of being with any Covid patients), kept my husband informed of everything during and after my surgery and checked on me daily. Walking to their offices after the surgery for follow up appointments was easy and convenient. Having any procedure during a pandemic is scary but at no time was I apprehensive about the surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Picard-Ami and his staff if you are considering cosmetic surgery. I am absolutely thrilled with my results and it was as painless as they promised.
November 2020
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Nose Surgery in Panama

Nose surgery or ‘nose job’ is the epitome of cosmetic treatments. It is a universally known facial surgery procedure that can effectively change the shape or size of a patient’s nose.

Nose surgery has also proven to be an ideal procedure to improve breathing complications and nasal function, as well. Many patients, men and women, undergo nose surgery to aesthetically improve the shape of the nose and correct medical problems at the same time.

Nose surgery in Panama is an ideal choice for patients seeking aesthetic or functional improvement in their nose at an affordable price. Plastic surgery Panama embraces a wide range of low cost facial surgery treatments to meet budget needs of international patients.

Panama nose surgery may be performed through incisions concealed completely inside the nose. Internal incisions are combined with a small, well hidden external incision on the skin that separates the nostrils.

The skin is then freed from the nasal framework, enabling the facial plastic surgeon of Panama to sculpt the underlying cartilage and bone into the desired shape.

Incisions are closed with fine sutures in a natural manner and a protective split is to be worn for one week. Rhinoplasty surgery Panama is a simple procedure performed on an outpatient basis.

Sights to See in Panama

Amador Causeway affords gorgeous views of Panama City cityscape and the canal makes for perfect place to soak up the fresh air and enjoy outdoor activities. Amador Causeway was created to connect four small islands using rocks excavated from the Panama Canal to protect the entrance to the Canal.

There so much to do on the islands, there are bicycle and jogging paths, budget restaurants, souvenir shops, a cruise port and a yacht marina. Most restaurants offer equally beautiful views of the city by day and night.

Cost of Nose Surgery in Panama

Panama is among the top most affordable plastic surgery destinations, especially for US patients. Being a short and cheap flight from most American cities is another enticing reason to undergo nose surgery in Panama, allowing patients to receive a high quality treatment for a reasonable price.

The favorable exchange rate of Panamanian Balboa (PAB) against the USD is an icing on the Panama plastic surgery cake!